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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
ATH10576 Athena Athena Gray Palette A4 In Stock ¥576
ATH10943 Athena Gray Palette Mini In Stock ¥137
ATH10577 Athena Gray Palette In Stock ¥400
ATXBHP2 Airtex 3.0m Extension Exhaust Hose for Black Hole In Stock ¥2,320
ATXBHP4 Airtex Paper Filter for The Black Hole (5 pcs) In Stock ¥280
ATXMS01 Airtex Air Brush Masking Sheet Roll Type 3m (1.5m x 2pcs) In Stock ¥1,040
BRFB421 Brain Factory Minus Screw Head Bit 0.55mm In Stock ¥1,800
BRFB441 Brain Factory Rivet Bit Stud 0.75mm In Stock ¥1,300
BRFG551 Brain Factory Gear Template Large 0.5x180 (SP0013V) In Stock ¥3,000
MDLT011 Modelers Filmic Gauge B Sheet In Stock ¥600
PRM11254 Polyform Products Company Talcum Powder In Stock ¥320
PRM13305 Polyform Products Company Oven Dial Thermometer In Stock ¥2,032
PRM61551 Polyform Products Company Studio by Sculpey Clay Tool Variety Set In Stock ¥1,040
MNEG-22C Mineshima Stainless Ruler 15cm In Stock ¥280
MNEL-16 Mineshima Precision Screwdriver Set 6pcs In Stock ¥640
MNEL-2105 Mineshima Brush Set with Axis In Stock ¥1,184
MNEL-1032 Mineshima Drill Bit 3.2mm In Stock ¥272
MNEL-1024 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.4mm In Stock ¥256
MNEL-1026 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.6mm In Stock ¥256
MNEL-1027 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.7mm In Stock ¥256
MNEL-1030 Mineshima Drill Bit 3.0mm In Stock ¥232
MNEL-15A Mineshima Precision Screw Driver 2pcs In Stock ¥280
MNEL-2 Mineshima Pin Vice 0.1-1.0mm In Stock ¥520
MNEB-JK-13 Mineshima BJK-01 Replacement Blade (for Precious Metals) 6pcs In Stock ¥464
MNEB-90 Mineshima Brass Square Jig 90mm In Stock ¥1,160
MNEEMC-2 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-2 15mm In Stock ¥440
MNEEMC-3 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-3 15mm In Stock ¥480
MNEEMC-1 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-1 20mm In Stock ¥440
MNEJ-10C Mineshima Precision Scraper 2.0mm Oval In Stock ¥1,000
MNEM-10 Mineshima No.5800 8 Man Grip Boy Screwdriver Set 8pcs In Stock ¥640
MNEL-2108 Mineshima Chasing Work Set In Stock ¥1,184
MNEL-2107 Mineshima Glasswork Set In Stock ¥1,184
MNESPR-2 Mineshima Sandpaper Holder Round In Stock ¥1,160
MNEF-101 Mineshima Cation Coating AA Tweezers 125mm Low Stock ¥240
MNEF-130A Mineshima Precision Tweezers 170mm In Stock ¥800
MNEF-18 Mineshima Reverse-Action Tweezers In Stock ¥440
MNEEMC-5 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-5 28mm In Stock ¥440
MNEEMC-6 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-6 25mm In Stock ¥440
MNEEMC-7 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-7 25mm In Stock ¥440
MNEEMC-8 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-8 25mm In Stock ¥440
MNEEMC-9 Mineshima Eiger Micro Clamp EMC-9 25mm In Stock ¥440
MNEF-103 Mineshima GG Tweezers In Stock ¥800
MNEH-P28 Mineshima Spare Needle For TM-20 In Stock ¥96
MNEL-1012 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.2mm In Stock ¥264
MNEL-1005 Mineshima Drill Bit 0.5mm In Stock ¥328
MNEL-1013 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.3mm In Stock ¥264
MNEL-1014 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.4mm In Stock ¥264
MNEL-1018 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.8mm In Stock ¥264
MNEL-1015 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.5mm In Stock ¥232
MNEL-1023 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.3mm In Stock ¥256
MNEL-1011 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.1mm In Stock ¥264
MNEL-1017 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.7mm In Stock ¥264
MNEN-22 Mineshima No.6000 Nut Driver 7.0mm In Stock ¥488
MNEN-21 Mineshima No.6000 Nut Driver 6.0mm In Stock ¥464
MNEN-20 Mineshima No.6000 Nut Driver 5.5mm In Stock ¥448
MNEN-11C Mineshima Hexrobe Driver T-20 In Stock ¥680
MNEN-11A Mineshima Hexrobe Driver T-10 In Stock ¥600
MNEN-11D Mineshima Hexrobe Driver T-4 In Stock ¥520
MNEN-11B Mineshima Hex Lobe Driver T-15 In Stock ¥600
MNEN-15 Mineshima Hex Key Driver 2.0mm x 50mm In Stock ¥160
MNEN-3 Mineshima Minus Driver 3mm x 75mm In Stock ¥72
MNEN-18 Mineshima Minus Driver 5mmx75mm In Stock ¥136
MNEN-19 Mineshima Plus Driver 5mmx75mm In Stock ¥136
MNEN-25 Mineshima Point Driver Minus In Stock ¥96
MNEN-2 Mineshima Plus Driver 3x50mm In Stock ¥64
MNEN-1 Mineshima Minus Diver Small Low Stock ¥40
MNETC-303 Mineshima Tool Clipper (3-Clip Type) In Stock ¥1,520
MNE1887 Mineshima Absorbent Mat In Stock ¥272
MNED-18 Mineshima Miin Cutter 200mm for Hard Steel Wire In Stock ¥1,200
MNED-8 Mineshima Pliers 150mm In Stock ¥1,040
MNEG-8 Mineshima Hex Wrench Set (8pcs) In Stock ¥400
MNEJ-23 Mineshima Germany Snip 205mm (All Purpose Scissors) Low Stock ¥1,200
MNEJ-20B Mineshima All Purpose Scissors In Stock ¥640
MNEK-7B Mineshima Precision Driver Plus 2.0mm In Stock ¥152
MNEK-9 Mineshima Precision Driver Plus 2.4mm In Stock ¥176
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