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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
MNEL-2108 Mineshima Chasing Work Set In Stock ¥1,184
MNEN-21 Mineshima No.6000 Nut Driver 6.0mm In Stock ¥464
MNEN-11C Mineshima Hexrobe Driver T-20 In Stock ¥680
MNEN-11D Mineshima Hexrobe Driver T-4 In Stock ¥520
MNED-8 Mineshima Pliers 150mm In Stock ¥1,040
MNETSR-14363 Mineshima Soft Light Clip In Stock ¥960
ATH10576 Athena Athena Gray Palette A4 In Stock ¥576
ATH10577 Athena Gray Palette In Stock ¥400
MNEPU-1 Mineshima Diamond Bar 5pcs In Stock ¥560
BRFB421 Brain Factory Minus Screw Head Bit 0.55mm In Stock ¥1,800
MDLT010 Modelers Filmic Gauge A Set In Stock ¥600
MNEN-19 Mineshima Plus Driver 5mmx75mm In Stock ¥136
GOTKS40R Goot Soldering Iron 40W In Stock ¥880
MNEK-9 Mineshima Precision Driver Plus 2.4mm In Stock ¥176
MNETM-21 Mineshima Beaker Set 300 In Stock ¥304
MNEF-105 Mineshima Power Precision Tweezers In Stock ¥800
MNEL-1012 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.2mm In Stock ¥264
MNEN-20 Mineshima No.6000 Nut Driver 5.5mm In Stock ¥448
MNETM-22 Mineshima Beaker Set 500 In Stock ¥360
GOTKS100R Goot Soldering Iron 100W In Stock ¥1,360
TDATM05 Tsunoda Trinity Curved Long Nose Pliers 150mm In Stock ¥2,240
MNEN-11A Mineshima Hexrobe Driver T-10 In Stock ¥600
MNEJ-10C Mineshima Precision Scraper 2.0mm Oval In Stock ¥1,000
GOTTQ77 Goot Soldering Iron 90W/15W In Stock ¥2,880
GOTSD64 Goot Solder for Chrome Silver Parts In Stock ¥320
MNEG-8 Mineshima Hex Wrench Set (8pcs) In Stock ¥400
GOTKS30R Goot Soldering Iron 30W In Stock ¥880
MNEN-16 Mineshima Hex Key Driver 2.5mm x 75mm In Stock ¥168
TDATM09 Tsunoda Trinity Round Nose Pliers 130mm In Stock ¥1,912
GOTKYP70 Goot Soldering Iron 60W/30W In Stock ¥1,600
BRFB440 Brain Factory Rivet Bit Stud 0.5/0.6mm In Stock ¥2,000
MNERT-170 Mineshima RT-170 Super Club Case In Stock ¥368
MNEN-18 Mineshima Minus Driver 5mmx75mm In Stock ¥136
BRFB441 Brain Factory Rivet Bit Stud 0.75mm In Stock ¥1,300
GOTHB45 Goot Hot Bond In Stock ¥1,120
MNEN-11B Mineshima Hex Lobe Driver T-15 In Stock ¥600
GOTST93 Goot Helper Large In Stock ¥4,000
MNEL-16 Mineshima Precision Screwdriver Set 6pcs In Stock ¥640
MNEN-3 Mineshima Minus Driver 3mm x 75mm In Stock ¥72
MNEK-7A Mineshima Precision Driver Minus 2.0mm In Stock ¥108
MNEE-12 Mineshima PET Clean Tool Round Nose Pliers In Stock ¥960
GOTSE0AG08 Goot Soldering Iron Reel Rolling and with Silver In Stock ¥1,488
MNED-24 Mineshima Stainless Pincer In Stock ¥1,080
MNEN-22 Mineshima No.6000 Nut Driver 7.0mm In Stock ¥488
MNEL-1026 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.6mm In Stock ¥256
GNZGT01B GSI Creos Strong File Set (2 types) with Holder In Stock ¥1,280
MNEK-8 Mineshima Precision Driver Minus 2.4mm In Stock ¥120
GOTST77 Goot Soldering Iron Stand In Stock ¥1,520
ATH00133 Athena Sponge (Small) In Stock ¥280
DXMAC-08 Deluxe Materials Pin Point Gluing Accessories In Stock ¥1,200
MNEL-1021 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.1mm Low Stock ¥256
MNEE-11 Mineshima Pliers In Stock ¥960
MNE251 Mineshima Stainless Precision Pincer 135mm In Stock ¥1,240
MNEN-9E Mineshima Hex Nut Driver 4.0mm Low Stock ¥144
MNEYWEPU Mineshima Petit Kong 2 Mini Router In Stock ¥2,080
MNEL-2 Mineshima Pin Vice 0.1-1.0mm In Stock ¥520
MNEA-21 Mineshima Premium Tool Set B Low Stock ¥2,384
MNEL-1018 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.8mm Low Stock ¥264
MNEL-1019 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.9mm In Stock ¥264
MNEO-C8 Mineshima Octopus Clamp In Stock ¥1,280
MNEL-1024 Mineshima Drill Bit 2.4mm In Stock ¥256
MNETM-1 Mineshima Mask 2pcs In Stock ¥320
GOTKS60R Goot Soldering Iron 60W In Stock ¥1,040
MNEL-22 Mineshima Pick Up Tool Low Stock ¥960
MNEF-21 Mineshima Flexible Tweezers In Stock ¥4,000
MNEEMC-11 Mineshima Micro Clip 10mm 2pcs Low Stock ¥384
MNEJ-20C Mineshima Etching Scissors Low Stock ¥1,440
MNED-10 Mineshima Strong Nippers In Stock ¥880
BRFG602 Brain Factory Template Straight Line Hole Rule In Stock ¥800
GOTCP20Y Goot Desoldering Wicks (2mm) In Stock ¥384
GOTST11SP Goot Replacement Sponge In Stock ¥120
TDATM08 Tsunoda Trinity Fine Point Pliers 130mm In Stock ¥1,960
MNEL-1017 Mineshima Drill Bit 1.7mm In Stock ¥264
MNEF-110B Mineshima Curved Tweezers 155mm In Stock ¥360
MNEQ-21 Mineshima Wire Mini Brush Low Stock ¥176
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