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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
BAN990147 Bandai Figuarts Zero Karyoten In Stock ¥630
HWK15005 hawk Frantic Banana - Frantic In Stock ¥490
HWK15006 hawk Totally Fab Guy- Frantic In Stock ¥490
HWK15007 hawk Totally Fab Girl With Base In Stock ¥490
HWK15009 hawk Frantic Cats Girl - Frantic In Stock ¥490
DIV17364 Dive Gunji Iwashiro Flash Back Generation In Stock ¥1,900
DIV17370 Dive Masanari Kobayashi Flash Back Generation In Stock ¥1,900
BAN977677 Bandai chibi-arts Kallen Kozuki In Stock ¥900
HWKHA16010 hawk Francis the Foul - Weird-ohs In Stock ¥1,120
HWKHA16016 hawk Wade A. Minut - Weird-ohs In Stock ¥1,120
AOS05060 Aoshima Goki-Cha Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
AOS05061 Aoshima Chaba Low Stock ¥1,250
BAN966559 Bandai Chibi-arts Cure Marine In Stock ¥700
BAN966558 Bandai chibi-arts Cure Blossom In Stock ¥700
BAN965404 Bandai chibi-arts Cure Peach In Stock ¥700
BAN965405 Bandai chibi-arts Eas In Stock ¥700
BAN961405 Bandai Pellermodel Pets In Stock ¥180
MEDVCD-143 Medicom VCD Douglas In Stock ¥1,900
BAN960381 Bandai Pellermodel Skirt-M White In Stock ¥190
BAN960382 Bandai Pellermodel Kids White In Stock ¥143
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