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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
SGBAF206 Steve Ginter Books Douglas C-124 Globemaster II In Stock ¥3,400
SKG30529 Shinkigensha Fighter Airplanes Illustrated In Stock ¥1,300
MDGB04 Model Graphix Flying Colors 2 Sleeve In Stock ¥700
BUN19198 Bunrindo Missiles & Rockets of the World Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BUNMAG1102 Bunrindo Koku Fan February 2011 In Stock ¥1,238
BUNMAG1103 Bunrindo Koku Fan March 2011 In Stock ¥1,238
BUNMAG1104 Bunrindo Koku Fan April 2011 w/Blue Impulse Patch In Stock ¥1,286
BUNMAG1105 Bunrindo Koku Fan May 2011 In Stock ¥1,238
BUNMAG1110 Bunrindo Koku Fan October 2011 Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BUNMAG1112 Bunrindo Koku Fan December 2011 In Stock ¥1,238
BUNMAG1204 Bunrindo Koku Fan January 2012 In Stock ¥1,238
EIS90648 Ei Publishing R/C Aircraft & Helicopter Book In Stock ¥1,800
EIS91217 Ei Publishing Airplane + Camera In Stock ¥1,500
FRP56054 Flight Recorder Publications The Long Drag: A Short HIstory of British Target Towing In Stock ¥1,900
GAK06220 Gakken Imperial Japanese Military Aircraft In Stock ¥1,238
HYSH5070 Haynes Douglas DC-3 Dakota 1935 Onwards (All Marks) In Stock ¥3,800
IKA20036 Ikaros Publishing Moeyo! Air Combat School In Stock ¥1,619
IKA20235 Ikaros Publishing 80 Secrets about Fighter Planes In Stock ¥933
IKA49802 Ikaros Publishing My Favorite Aircraft In Stock ¥1,619
IKA49982 Ikaros Publishing JASDF Elite Pilots In Stock ¥1,619
KDA66279 Kodansha The Airplane In Stock ¥1,905
KDA66290 Kodansha JASDF Mania! In Stock ¥1,905
KDK53576 Kadokawa Wings 1/18 Aero Museum Models In Stock ¥4,700
MDG22853 Model Graphix Infamous Airplanes of the World Extra In Stock ¥2,500
MDG22963 Model Graphix Supermarine Spitfire Owners' Workshop Manual In Stock ¥4,800
MDG23028 Model Graphix Ki-43 II Oscar Aces of WWII In Stock ¥2,800
MDG23044 Model Graphix Spitfire vs Bf109E In Stock ¥2,800
MDG23061 Model Graphix The 400th Fighting Group In Stock ¥2,800
MDGAD14 Model Graphix Aero Detail #14: P-47 Thunderbolt In Stock ¥3,000
MDGOSA07 Model Graphix Spitfire Mk.I/II Aces 1939-1941 In Stock ¥1,800
MDGOSA23 Model Graphix French Aces of WWII In Stock ¥1,800
MDGOSA28 Model Graphix Jagdgeschwader 2 Richthofen In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA30 Model Graphix Typhoon and Tempest Aces of WWII In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA32 Model Graphix Corsair Aces of WWII In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA33 Model Graphix P-39 Airacobra Aces Of WWII In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA34 Model Graphix Spitfire Mk.V Aces 1941-45 In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA36 Model Graphix SBD Dauntless Units of WWII In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA37 Model Graphix P-?61 Black Widow Units of WWII In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA38 Model Graphix Korean War Aces In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA42 Model Graphix Mosquito Bomber/Fighter-Bomber Unit 1942-45 In Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA45 Model Graphix Romanian Aces of WWII In Stock ¥2,400
MDGOSA49 Model Graphix Finnish Air Force 24th Sqn In Stock ¥2,400
MDGOSA51 Model Graphix Slovakian and Bulgarian Aces of WWII In Stock ¥2,400
MDGOSA54 Model Graphix Jagdeschwader 51 Molders In Stock ¥2,800
MDP39201 Model Publishing Illustrated History Of Carrier Air Wing One 1934-1957 In Stock ¥3,711
MIK22474 Miki Shobo Koken Long Range Mono-Plane In Stock ¥1,900
NKP00717 Neko Publishing World-Famous Jet Fighters In Stock ¥2,381
NKP00720 Neko Publishing World Famous Propeller Planes: Warplanes In Stock ¥2,381
NKP00767 Neko Publishing War Birds & Fighter Aircraft Model Magazine In Stock ¥1,524
NKP05123 Neko Publishing Flight Impression World Famous Airplane In Stock ¥2,095
SQS47633 Squadron Signal F-84 Thunderjet in Action In Stock ¥1,600
SQS6701 Squadron Signal Combat Chronicles of the Black Widow Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
WWP41647 Wings & Wheels Production Avenger TBF/TBM In Stock ¥3,700
WWP41648 Wings & Wheels Production 21st TAC AFB Caslav in Detail In Stock ¥3,800
WWP41654 Wings & Wheels Production Sea King in Detail Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
WWP41655 Wings & Wheels Production Mi-8/9 Hip in Detail Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
WWP41662 Wings & Wheels Production CH-47 Chinook in detail In Stock ¥4,400
WWP41665 Wings & Wheels Production Bf109G-2 Trop Black 6 in Detail In Stock ¥3,050
IKA20569 Ikaros Publishing Civil & Military Aviation Yearbook 2011-2012 In Stock ¥1,905
WWP41664 Wings & Wheels Production Meteor F.Mk.8 in Detail In Stock ¥3,050
WWP41631 Wings & Wheels Production BO-105 In Detail In Stock ¥2,800
WWP26778 Wings & Wheels Production Luftwaffe Over Czech in Detail In Stock ¥2,800
MDA489 Model Art Air Kit Technique Guide 2 In Stock ¥1,845
MDP39200 Model Publishing Naval Air Weapons Meet 1956-1959 In Stock ¥3,711
IKA49606 Ikaros Publishing Enjoy! Airband Listening 2005 In Stock ¥428
WWP41622 Wings & Wheels Production Czechoslovak Spitfires in detail In Stock ¥3,100
WWP41638 Wings & Wheels Production Mil Mi-4/4A Hound In Stock ¥3,200
HYSH4463 Haynes Avro Lancaster 1941 Onwards (All Marks) In Stock ¥3,800
HYSH4955 Haynes Hawker Hurricane 1935 Onwards (All Marks) In Stock ¥3,800
MDGOSA40 Model Graphix Hungarian Bf109 Aces of WW II Low Stock ¥2,000
MDGOSA44 Model Graphix Croatian Aces of WWII Low Stock ¥2,400
MDP39202 Model Publishing Colori Nel Cielo Low Stock ¥4,500
BUNMAG1006 Bunrindo Koku Fan June 2010 Low Stock ¥1,238
BUNMAG1211 Bunrindo Koku Fan November 2012 In Stock ¥1,238
WWP41625 Wings & Wheels Production Spitfire Lf.Mk.IX In Detail In Stock ¥2,400
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