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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
ADNANN-0024 Adlers Nest 1/700 50.Type 41 15cm(15.2cm) Cannon Barrel In Stock ¥800
AOS01026 Aoshima 1/700 The Fleet of Fog Battleship No.05 Kirishima Low Stock ¥3,040
ADNANN-0005 Adlers Nest 1/700 Bollard (16pcs) for IJN Light Cruisers In Stock ¥800
LORLE70159 LionRoar 1/700 U.S. Navy Bofors Shield In Stock ¥1,700
FLM700016 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII IJN Heavy Swinging Boom In Stock ¥800
FNMAM-39 Fine Molds 1/700 WWII BB Iowa Crane & Catapult Set In Stock ¥1,040
ABE700L-27 Aber 1/700 203mm Barrels for IJN Ships (10 pcs) In Stock ¥1,000
LORLE700062 LionRoar 1/700 WWII U.S. Navy Depth Charge Equipment In Stock ¥1,530
LORR7036 LionRoar 1/700 WWII IJN Aircraft Carrier Collapsible Mast Set #2 In Stock ¥1,530
WEMPE703 White Ensign Models 1/700 Royal Navy Doors & Hatches In Stock ¥640
PITPT-23 Pit-Road 1/700 USN Submarine Grayback #2 In Stock ¥808
PITPE-151 Pit-Road 1/700 Russian Navy Kirov Class Photo-Etched Parts In Stock ¥2,125
FLM710016 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII USN Destroyer Monssen (for Dragon) In Stock ¥2,400
FLM700254 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII IJN Heavy Cruiser Tako Metal Deck (Aoshima) In Stock ¥1,600
FLMFH1300-1 Flyhawk Model 1/700 SMS Derfflinger 1916 Normal Ver. In Stock ¥4,250
PITJ-51 Pit-Road 1/700 JMSDF Defense Ship DD-106 Shikinami In Stock ¥1,920
PITJ-50 Pit-Road 1/700 JMSDF DD-103 Ayanami In Stock ¥1,920
SSGMCD70004 Shinsengumi 1/700 Aircraft Carrier Wooden Deck Decal General-Purpose Light Tone In Stock ¥1,200
SSGMCP007 Shinsengumi 1/700 Wood Deck Set for IJN BB Yamato/Musashi In Stock ¥4,250
SSGMCP009 Shinsengumi 1/700 Wood Deck Set for IJN BB Yamashiro In Stock ¥5,100
SSGMCP010 Shinsengumi 1/700 Wood Deck Set for RN BB Repulse In Stock ¥5,100
SSGMCP008 Shinsengumi 1/700 Wood Deck Set for IJN BB Fuso In Stock ¥5,100
PITJPM-08 Pit-Road 1/700 Japan Coast Guard Patrol Vessel PL-62 Ishigaki Completed In Stock ¥3,440
PITJPM-07 Pit-Road 1/700 Japan Coast Guard Patrol Vessel PLH-06 Okinawa Completed In Stock ¥3,440
PITDP-1 Pit-Road 1/700 Decals for US Navy In Stock ¥1,020
FUJ11319 Fujimi 1/700 IJA Sado-Maru/Sakito-Maru Photo-Etched Parts In Stock ¥1,120
PITJ-47SP Pit-Road 1/700 JMSDF DD-161 Akizuki w/Resin & Photo-Etched Parts In Stock ¥3,520
FLM700292 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII IJN Destroyer Asashio Metal Deck (Hasegawa) In Stock ¥800
ADNANN-0023 Adlers Nest 1/700 45.Type 41 36cm(35.6cm) Cannon Barrel In Stock ¥880
PITJPM-06 Pit-Road 1/700 JMSDF DD-115 Akizuki Completed Model In Stock ¥4,640
VYMBSD70001 Voyager Models 1/700 IJN Mutsu Wood Deck Set w/Photo-Etched Parts (for Aoshima) In Stock ¥1,700
PITW-171 Pit-Road 1/700 British BB Malaya 1943 In Stock ¥3,680
FNMAM-41 Fine Molds 1/700 German 20mm MG C/30 Machine-Gun In Stock ¥1,040
FNMWA-10 Fine Molds 1/700 Boat Davit Set for Destroyer & Small Ships In Stock ¥960
PITW-155E Pit-Road 1/700 German Battleship Graf Spee 1939 w/Photo-Etch In Stock ¥3,920
FNMAM-19 Fine Molds 1/700 IJN Searchlight #1 for Yamato, Musashi In Stock ¥480
FLM700056 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII Gussets In Stock ¥1,200
FLMW70040 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII German Navy Cruiser Admiral Hipper Wood Deck (for Trumpeter/Pit-Road) In Stock ¥1,800
FLM700042 Flyhawk Model 1/700 USN WWII Water-tight Doors In Stock ¥800
FLM730023 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII USN 25-Man Balsa Life Raft In Stock ¥1,200
AOS29961 Aoshima 1/700 JMSDF Defense Ship Takanami Low Stock ¥1,280
FLM700155 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen Super Detail (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥4,000
FLM700209 Flyhawk Model 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Ryujo Deck (for Fujimi) In Stock ¥5,200
FLM700068 Flyhawk Model 1/700 WWII IJN Anti-Aircraft Weapons II In Stock ¥1,200
PITSPW-13 Pit-Road 1/700 IJN Destroyer Kazagumo Full Hull w/Photo-Etched Parts In Stock ¥2,400
PITSPW-31 Pit-Road 1/700 IJN Kagero Class Urakaze Full Hull Model In Stock ¥2,400
PITPE-318 Pit-Road 1/700 Floater Net Baskets In Stock ¥1,870
CYVCH7070 Cyber Hobby 1/700 U.S.S. Boxer LPH-4 In Stock ¥4,320
YMSYH700P005 Yamashita Hobby 1/700 IJN Fubuki A Cannon Turret In Stock ¥425
NKM07017 Niko Models 1/700 USS Gendreau DE-639 In Stock ¥5,620
NKM07016 Niko Models 1/700 French Fast Frigates E50 Le Corse 1955 In Stock ¥5,940
NKM07015 Niko Models 1/700 French Fast Frigates E52 Le Picard 1954 In Stock ¥4,940
NKM07033 Niko Models 1/700 WWII US Loading Craft LCT LCI 2xLCM In Stock ¥4,940
NKM07024 Niko Models 1/700 USS San Francisco 1942 In Stock ¥9,820
NKM07040 Niko Models 1/700 HMS Montgomery G95 1942 In Stock ¥6,080
NKM07035 Niko Models 1/700 USS Philadelphia 1945 In Stock ¥10,480
NKM07019 Niko Models 1/700 French Navy Guichen 1954 In Stock ¥6,440
NKM07050 Niko Models 1/700 USS Roanoke (CL-145) 1957 Worcester Class In Stock ¥10,480
NKM07052 Niko Models 1/700 USS Louisiana (BB-19) 1906 Connecticut Class In Stock ¥10,820
NKM07072 Niko Models 1/700 USS Norfolk (DL-1) 1953 In Stock ¥9,460
NKM07048 Niko Models 1/700 USS Portland 1944 (CA-33) In Stock ¥10,280
NKM07075 Niko Models 1/700 USS Cromwell (DE1014) In Stock ¥5,620
NKM07085 Niko Models 1/700 French Frigate Suffren D602 1990 In Stock ¥11,420
NKM07084 Niko Models 1/700 Asaka-Maru IJN Auxiliary Cruiser 1942 In Stock ¥11,420
NKM07074 Niko Models 1/700 USS Northampton CLC-1 In Stock ¥14,680
NKM07086 Niko Models 1/700 IJN Kamoi 1942 In Stock ¥12,840
NKMZW7004J Niko Models 1/700 Imperial Japanese 25mm Triple AA Guns (5pcs) In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7003J Niko Models 1/700 Imperial Japanese 25mm Twin AA Guns (5pcs) In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7010B Niko Models 1/700 British WW2 Hedgehog Launchers (5pcs) In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7015U Niko Models 1/700 Quad 21inch (533mm) Mk14/15 Torpedo Tubes (5pcs) In Stock ¥1,300
NKMZW7024U Niko Models 1/700 1 x 3inch /50 Mk.34 Anti-Aircraft Gun (5set) In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7022B Niko Models 1/700 3 x 102mm L44 Mk.1 In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7031X Niko Models 1/700 Mk.108 Rocket Launcher Weapon ALFA (4set) In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7026J Niko Models 1/700 Japanese 12,7cm/40 Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 89 (4set) In Stock ¥1,200
NKMZW7041B Niko Models 1/700 2 PDR. Q.F. Mk.VIII Gun on a single Mk.VIII Mountng (5pcs) In Stock ¥1,200
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