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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
TAM17602 Tamiya DR-02 Surf Roller In Stock ¥560
TAM17619 Tamiya DR-19 Sniper Jack In Stock ¥560
TAM17702 Tamiya Dangun Racer EVO Fire Atlas In Stock ¥640
TAM17704 Tamiya Dangan Racer EVO Stinger Jack In Stock ¥640
TAM17705 Tamiya DRX-5 Cyclone Edge Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TAM17706 Tamiya DRX-6 Giga Spear Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TAM17701 Tamiya Dangun Racer EVO Wing Vulcan In Stock ¥640
TAM17703 Tamiya Dangun Racer EVO Mad Cobra Low Stock ¥640
TAM94558 Tamiya Blazing Arrow In Stock ¥640
TAM17617 Tamiya DR-17 Dyna Triger Low Stock ¥560
TAM17621 Tamiya DR-21 Mirage-Arrow Low Stock ¥560
TAM94405 Tamiya Surf Roller Blue (SP Color) In Stock ¥560
TAM15807 Tamiya R-04 Slash Tail Unit Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TAM17614 Tamiya DR-14 Shooting-Force Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TAM17604 Tamiya DR-04 Megacaliber Discontinued ¥560
TAM17609 Tamiya DR-09 Brave Trigger Discontinued ¥560
TAM17608 Tamiya DR-08 Ghost-Force Discontinued ¥560
TAM17615 Tamiya DR-15 Genome-Force Discontinued ¥560
TAM94404 Tamiya Flash Trigger Yellow (SP Color) Discontinued ¥560
TAM94406 Tamiya Surf Roller Purple (SP Color) Discontinued ¥560
TAM94408 Tamiya Grid-King Black (SP Color) Discontinued ¥560
TAM94501 Tamiya DR-17 Dyna Triger Completed Discontinued ¥784
TAM94517 Tamiya DR-21 Mirage Arrow Completed Discontinued ¥784
TAM94531 Tamiya DRX-4 Stinger Jack Completed Discontinued ¥784
TAM94403 Tamiya Flash Trigger Orange (SP Color) Discontinued ¥560
TAM94407 Tamiya Grid-King White (SP Color) Discontinued ¥560
TAM94500 Tamiya DR-14 Shooting-Force Completed Discontinued ¥784
TAM94502 Tamiya DR-19 Sniper Jack Completed Discontinued ¥784
TAM94527 Tamiya DRX-3 Mad Cobra Finished Model Discontinued ¥784
TAM17603 Tamiya DR-03 Grid-King Discontinued ¥560
TAM15263 Tamiya GP263 DR Dangun Racers Parts Case Discontinued ¥120
TAM17606 Tamiya DR-06 Road-Javelin Discontinued ¥560
TAM17607 Tamiya DR-07 Flash-Trigger G-Spec Discontinued ¥560
TAM17610 Tamiya DR-10 Strike Revolver Discontinued ¥560
TAM17611 Tamiya DR-11 Wave-Razor Discontinued ¥560
TAM17613 Tamiya DR-13 Surf-Roller FG Discontinued ¥560
TAM17616 Tamiya DR-16 Grid-King FG Discontinued ¥560
TAM17618 Tamiya DR-18 Megacaliber FG Discontinued ¥560
TAM17620 Tamiya DR-20 Strike Scorpion Discontinued ¥560
TAM94454 Tamiya Striker Revolver Limited Edition Discontinued ¥560
TAM94518 Tamiya Sniper Jack Black Special Discontinued ¥640
TAM17605 Tamiya DR-05 Skid-Bomber Discontinued ¥560
TAM17612 Tamiya DR-12 Dark Striker Discontinued ¥560
TAM17601 Tamiya DR-01 Flash Trigger Discontinued ¥560
TAM94591 Tamiya New Year 2007 Dangan Racer Boar Discontinued ¥441
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