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In Stock

AMXAX-0071 Alpha Max 1/7 Fate/stay night Saber Lily In Stock ¥9,800
AMXAX-0083 Alpha Max 1/7 Momo Velia Deviluke Swimsuit Ver. PVC In Stock ¥6,660
AMXAX-0092 Alpha Max 1/6 Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. In Stock ¥8,550
AMXAX-0094 Alpha Max 1/8 Shining Ark: Velvet In Stock ¥9,800
AMXAX-0102 Alpha Max 1/7 Satsuki Shinonome Swimsuit Ver PVC In Stock ¥6,120
AMXAX-0104 Alpha Max 1/7 YuruYuri: Chinatsu Yoshikawa Swimsuit Ver. PVC In Stock ¥6,120
AMXAX-0105 Alpha Max 1/8 Oreimo: Kirino Kousaka One-Piece Ver. In Stock ¥7,800
AMXAX-0106 Alpha Max 1/8 Kuroneko One-Piece Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,410
AMXAX-0112 Alpha Max 1/8 Asuna ALO Ver. PVC In Stock ¥9,310

Future Release

AMXAX-0093 Alpha Max 1/6 Yae Shoubi Order Stop ¥9,720
AMXAX-1016 Alpha Max 1/7 Astrea Swimsuit Ver.2.0 June Release

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AMXAX-0045 Alpha Max 1/7 Tamaki Kousaka Maid Ver. Discontinued ¥7,920
AMXAX-0056 Alpha Max 1/7 Alice Pajama Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,660
AMXAX-0058 Alpha Max 1/7 Tamaki Kousaka Beauty Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥7,020
AMXAX-0062 Alpha Max 1/7 Azusa Nakano Swimsuit Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,120
AMXAX-0073 Alpha Max 1/7 K-On! Yui Hirasawa Swimsuit Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,120
AMXAX-0076 Alpha Max 1/7 Sena Kashiwazaki Swimsuit Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,120
AMXAX-0077 Alpha Max 1/7 Yozora Mikazuki Swimsuit Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,120
AMXAX-0079 Alpha Max 1/7 Ichika Takatsuki Swimsuit Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,120
AMXAX-0081 Alpha Max 1/6 Cryska Barchenowa Easy Jacket Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,660
AMXAX-0087 Alpha Max 1/6 Konoe Tsuruma Swimsuit Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥6,120
AMXAX-0123 Alpha Max 1/6 Super Sonico Swim Suit Gravure Ver. (Resale) Discontinued ¥7,380
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