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1/32 Scale

KHMKH32014 Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 T-28 B/D "Trojan" Feb. 2016 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

KHMKH32016 Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 Vought OS2U Kingfisher Low Stock ¥10,530
MOE817R Moebius 1/32 Flying Sub (Renewal Ver.) In Stock ¥12,640
WNG32060 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Bristol F.2b Fighter (Post War) In Stock ¥14,850
WNG32036 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 Early In Stock ¥14,850
FLX32011 Fly 1/32 Wessex HC.5 Helicopter In Stock ¥19,350
FLX32010 Fly 1/32 Wessex HC.2 Helicopter In Stock ¥19,350
WNG32057 Wingnut Wings 1/32 DFW C.V Late Production In Stock ¥12,420
WNG32040 Wingnut Wings 1/32 DFW C.V Mid Production In Stock ¥12,420
KHM19270 Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 F-86K Sabre Dog In Stock ¥12,150
TAM60326 Tamiya 1/32 de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI Low Stock ¥17,820
KHMKH32013 Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 P-39 Q/N Airacobra In Stock ¥10,440
ARS2212 Aires 1/32 Su-27 Flanker B Detail Set (for Trumpeter) In Stock ¥10,080
AOS02177 Aoshima 1/32 Dekotora Ichiban-boshi In Stock ¥11,840
HKM01E15 Hong Kong Models 1/32 de Havilland Mosquito B Mk.VI Series II In Stock ¥17,820
SLW32015 Silver Wing 1/32 Stearman PT-13D/N2S-2 (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,890
PLZPH9015 Platz 1/32 Terminator 2: Hunter Killer Tank In Stock ¥13,440
KHMKH32008 Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 F-86D Sabre Dog In Stock ¥10,800
FLX32008 Fly 1/32 Arado Ar 234 B-2/B-2N In Stock ¥14,850
PLT248 Planet Models 1/32 XF5U-1 Flying Pancake In Stock ¥16,020
FLX32003 Fly 1/32 Arado Ar 234 B-2 In Stock ¥13,230
SLW32008 Silver Wing 1/32 Gloster Gladiator Mk I / Mk II (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,890
SLW32004 Silver Wing 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 44D Stieglitz Ski Version In Stock ¥18,000
SLW32003 Silver Wing 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 44D Stieglitz In Stock ¥18,000
SLW32001 Silver Wing 1/32 Heinkel HE51 In Stock ¥18,360
SLW32006 Silver Wing 1/32 Gloster Sea Gladiator (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,260
SLW32014 Silver Wing 1/32 Hawker Demon (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,260
SLW32011 Silver Wing 1/32 Fiat CR.42 Falco (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,890
SLW32013 Silver Wing 1/32 Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,260
SLW32009 Silver Wing 1/32 Fairey Flycatcher (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥18,000
SLW32007 Silver Wing 1/32 Hawker Heart (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,260
SLW32010 Silver Wing 1/32 Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,260
SLW32016 Silver Wing 1/32 Curtiss P-6E Hawk (Resin Kit) In Stock ¥19,260
WNG32041 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Roland C.IIa Late In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32026 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Roland C.II Low Stock ¥16,500
EDUBIG3336 Eduard 1/32 B-25J Strafer 1/32 (for Hong-Kong Models) In Stock ¥14,220
WNG32021 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker E.1 Early In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32029 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker E.IV In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32035 Wingnut Wings 1/32 AMC DH.9 In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32038 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Salmson 2-A2 / Otsu 1 In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32059 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Salmson 2-A2 "USAS" In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32017 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Roland D.VIb In Stock ¥11,500
EDUBIG3332 Eduard 1/32 B-17G PART I (for HK Models) In Stock ¥13,410
EDUBIG3328 Eduard 1/32 He111H-6 (for Revell) In Stock ¥10,800
KALMA32008 KA Models 1/32 B-17G Detail Up Parts (HK Model) In Stock ¥18,000
EDUBIG3326 Eduard 1/32 A-4E (Trumpeter) In Stock ¥11,160
PLT233 Planet Models 1/32 Focke Wulf Fw 190C-0 V-18/U-1 Conversion Set for Hasegawa In Stock ¥10,350
VOLSWS06 Volks 1/32 He219 A-0 Uhu In Stock ¥15,800
WNG32020 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Snipe (Early) In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32054 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Snipe (Late) In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32024 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Hannover Cl.II Low Stock ¥16,500
REV04836 Revell 1/32 Heinkel He 111 H-6 In Stock ¥10,000
HKM01E02 Hong Kong Models 1/32 B-25J Mitchell Strafer In Stock ¥19,040
EDUBIG3320 Eduard 1/32 B-25J Mitchell In Stock ¥15,660
VOL52791 Volks 1/32 Douglas A-1J Skyraider U.S. Air Force In Stock ¥13,800
WNG32018 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker E.II/E.III Early In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32048 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker E.III Late In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32028 Wingnut Wings 1/32 AMC DH.2 In Stock ¥11,500
WLFWP32045 Wolfpack Design 1/32 Su-30K Flanker IAF Conversion Set (for Trumpeter Su-27UB) In Stock ¥18,000
SWAHC-3202 Swash Design 1/32 Austin Seven Deluxe Saloon 1959-1960 In Stock ¥14,000
WNG32037 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Rumpler C.IV Late In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32025 Wingnut Wings 1/32 FE.2b Late In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32023 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Rumpler C.IV Early In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32014 Wingnut Wings 1/32 FE.2b Early In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32019 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Pfalz D.XII In Stock ¥11,500
VOL50334 Volks 1/32 A-1H Skyraider U.S. Navy In Stock ¥12,800
WNG32007 Wingnut Wings 1/32 DH.9a "Ninak" In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32006 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Pfalz D.IIIa In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32022 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Roland D.VIa In Stock ¥11,500
SPH32029 Special Hobby 1/32 X-15 early short version In Stock ¥10,260
WNG32013 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Pup RFC In Stock ¥11,500
WNG32004 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Bristol F.2b Fighter In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32001 Wingnut Wings 1/32 Junkers J.1 In Stock ¥16,500
WNG32003 Wingnut Wings 1/32 SE. 5a "Hisso" In Stock ¥11,500
TAM60313 Tamiya 1/32 F-14A Tomcat "VF-154 Black Knights" In Stock ¥11,160
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