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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
PLT011 Planet Models 1/72 Heinkel He P.1077 Romeo In Stock ¥5,800
PLT060 Planet Models 1/72 Nakajima Ki-4 In Stock ¥10,000
PLT076 Planet Models 1/72 W1 Wasserfall In Stock ¥6,250
PLT058 Planet Models 1/72 Arado Ar 95 A/W In Stock ¥12,100
PLT062 Planet Models 1/72 Autogiro A-7 In Stock ¥4,150
PLT077 Planet Models 1/72 Aero A-101 In Stock ¥6,250
PLT118 Planet Models 1/72 Bolchovitinov typ S-1 "Single engine" In Stock ¥5,800
PLT231 Planet Models 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 261V-2 Adolfine In Stock ¥10,400
PDH827 Peddinghaus Modellbau 1/72 Fw190D-9 Major Gerhard Backhorn In Stock ¥1,100
PLT017 Planet Models 1/72 Messerschmitt P.1095 In Stock ¥5,800
PLT097 Planet Models 1/72 Stampe S.V. 4 B/C In Stock ¥5,800
PLZM72X-08 Platz 1/72 Fiat Br.20 Detail Up Etching Parts In Stock ¥1,120
PNT10240 Planet Model 1/72 General Aircraft GAL-41 British WWII Experimental Aircraft In Stock ¥3,760
QIC72336 Quickboost 1/72 B-24 Liberator Propellers w/Tool (for Hasegawa) In Stock ¥808
QIC72419 Quickboost 1/72 Hudson Mk.IV/V Engine Cowlings In Stock ¥722
QICQB72341 Quickboost 1/72 F6F-3N/5N Hellcat Night Exhaust Antennas (for Eduard) In Stock ¥340
MPM72569 MPM 1/72 Gloster Meteor F.8 "Prone Pilot" Test Aircraft In Stock ¥4,050
MPM72574 MPM 1/72 Gloster Meteor In Stock ¥3,600
MPM72555 MPM 1/72 Wellington Mk.IV w/ R-1830 Engine In Stock ¥4,230
MPM72557 MPM 1/72 A-20 Havoc "MTO" In Stock ¥3,680
MPM72563 MPM 1/72 Gloster Meteor F. Mk.III In Stock ¥2,960
MPM72541 MPM 1/72 A-29/PBO-1 Hudson In Stock ¥3,510
MPM72099 MPM 1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk.IC In Stock ¥3,880
RBPD72003 RB Productions 1/72 Romanian Cold War Insignia In Stock ¥400
RBPD72004 RB Productions 1/72 Romanian 800mm Roundels In Stock ¥400
ROB72003 Rob Taurus 1/72 T-28 Trojan (for Heller) In Stock ¥400
ROB72027 Rob Taurus 1/72 H.Hunter F.Mk.6 (for Revell) In Stock ¥400
ROB72012 Rob Taurus 1/72 IL-2 Sturmovik Early/Late (for SMER) In Stock ¥480
ROB72014 Rob Taurus 1/72 A1H Skyraider Canopy (for Hasegawa) In Stock ¥400
ROB72013 Rob Taurus 1/72 IL-2m3 Canopy (for Eduard) In Stock ¥480
ROB72016 Rob Taurus 1/72 F-100F Canopy (for Italeri) In Stock ¥400
ROB72018 Rob Taurus 1/72 LAGG-3 Type 35 Canopy (for Dakoplast) In Stock ¥400
ROB72033 Rob Taurus 1/72 Bf109 B/C (for Heller) In Stock ¥400
ROB72022 Rob Taurus 1/72 LA-7 (for Eduard) In Stock ¥400
ROB72028 Rob Taurus 1/72 I-185 (for Artmodel) In Stock ¥400
ROB72052 Rob Taurus 1/72 Spitfire Mk.V (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥400
ROB72049 Rob Taurus 1/72 Hurricane (for Hasegawa) In Stock ¥400
ROB72056 Rob Taurus 1/72 P-47D Razorback Canopy (for Academy) In Stock ¥400
ROB72058 Rob Taurus 1/72 P-47D Razorback Canopy (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥400
ROB72054 Rob Taurus 1/72 FW190D (for Tamiya/Revell) In Stock ¥400
ROB72065 Rob Taurus 1/72 Spitfire Mk.Ia (for Airfix) In Stock ¥400
ROB72059 Rob Taurus 1/72 P-47D Razorback/Malcolm Canopy (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥400
ROB72064 Rob Taurus 1/72 Spitfire Mk.I (for Airfix) In Stock ¥400
ROB72060 Rob Taurus 1/72 P-47D Bubbletop (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥400
ROBS72602 Rob Taurus 1/72 Hawker Tempest Mk.V Canopy (Academy) In Stock ¥1,900
ROBS72601 Rob Taurus 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Canopy (Academy) In Stock ¥1,900
ROB72072 Rob Taurus 1/72 Mosquito B/PR Mk.IV Canopy (Tamiya) In Stock ¥500
ROKRD72002 Rocketeer Decal 1/72 Frequently Used U.S. Insignia (B) 50, 55 & 60in. In Stock ¥550
ROKRD72011 Rocketeer Decal 1/72 B-29A 73BW Big Letters (B-29 Nose Art #1) In Stock ¥800
RSM92029 RS Models 1/72 IJA Ki-60 17 Sentai 1944 In Stock ¥2,610
RSM92040 RS Models 1/72 Arado Ar-65 "Luftpolizei" In Stock ¥3,285
RSM92034 RS Models 1/72 Nakajima Ki-27 Manchoukuo In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92032 RS Models 1/72 Avia B.35.2 Czechoslovakia Luftwaffe In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92039 RS Models 1/72 Zlin Z-XII Open Canopy In Stock ¥2,070
RSM92045 RS Models 1/72 Praga E-241 In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92042 RS Models 1/72 Zlin Z-212 In Stock ¥2,070
RSM92062 RS Models 1/72 Heinkel He112B In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92050 RS Models 1/72 Tachikawa Ki-9 Trainer In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92066 RS Models 1/72 Avia B.534 2nd Version In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92064 RS Models 1/72 Avia B-534 4th Version In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92063 RS Models 1/72 Arado Ar-66 Nachtschlacht Single Seater In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92065 RS Models 1/72 Avia Bk-534 In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92054 RS Models 1/72 Avia Ba.122 with Castor and Pollux Engine In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92056 RS Models 1/72 Avia Ba.122 with Avia Rk17 engine In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92052 RS Models 1/72 Arado Ar-66 / Nachtschlacht In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92060 RS Models 1/72 Arado 66 Legion Condor In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92047 RS Models 1/72 Praga E-241 Luftwaffe In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92059 RS Models 1/72 Arado 66 Trainer Luftwaffe In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92051 RS Models 1/72 Me Bf109X Experimental Fighter In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92080 RS Models 1/72 Avia B-534 In What If Markings In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92070 RS Models 1/72 Avia B.534 4th Version In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92074 RS Models 1/72 XFL-1 Airabonita In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92067 RS Models 1/72 Avia B.534 1st Version In Stock ¥2,520
RSM92085 RS Models 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109X In Stock ¥2,340
RSM92073 RS Models 1/72 Prague E-241 Czech Air Force In Stock ¥2,340
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