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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
DRAW50392 Dragon 1/72 Saturn V type Rocket w/ Skylab (Completed) Oct. 2014 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

AOS01041 Aoshima Epsilon Launch Vehicle Oct. 2014 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

AOS95053 Aoshima 1/50000 Mountains #3 Yarigadake In Stock ¥1,600
AOS95052 Aoshima 1/50000 Mountains #2 Hodakadake In Stock ¥1,600
AOS95051 Aoshima 1/50000 Mountains #1 Kamikouchi In Stock ¥1,600
ATLAMC4001 Atlantis Models 1/13 Giant Tyrannosaurus Rex In Stock ¥10,240
BAN965280 Bandai Otona no Chogokin Hayabusa MUSES-C Low Stock ¥19,550
ACD18146 Academy Da Vinci Flying Machine In Stock ¥1,040
AEBG001 Aero Base 1/72 Propeller of Leonardo da Vinci In Stock ¥6,400
AOS07249 Aoshima 4D Spider Tarantula Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,320
AOS07250 Aoshima 4D Vision Scorpion Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,320
AOS07318 Aoshima 4D Vision Dog Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,320
AOS07317 Aoshima 4D Vision Crocodile Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,320
AOS07497 Aoshima Robot Arm Kit (PC Operated) In Stock ¥26,240
AOS07499 Aoshima Robot Arm Catch Hand Kit In Stock ¥5,120
AOS07498 Aoshima Robot Arm Rotating Shaft Kit In Stock ¥5,120
AOS07817 Aoshima Super Deluxe Torso Anatomy Model In Stock ¥15,040
AOS07813 Aoshima 4D Human Ear Anatomy Model In Stock ¥1,440
AOS07821 Aoshima 4D Vision Pig Model In Stock ¥2,320
AOS07826 Aoshima 4D Vision Mammoth Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,720
AOS07823 Aoshima 4D Vision Dolphin Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,720
AOS07819 Aoshima 4D Vision Cow Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,320
AOS07825 Aoshima 4D Vision Rhinoceros Beetle Anatomy Model In Stock ¥2,720
AOS07929 Aoshima 4D Human Anatomy Stomach & Other Organs Model In Stock ¥1,440
AOS07933 Aoshima 4D Human Anatomy Head Model In Stock ¥1,920
AOS09435 Aoshima 4D Vision Chicken Full Skeleton Model In Stock ¥1,600
MPC790 MPC 1/100 Titan IIIc With Rocket Boosters In Stock ¥5,440
OTH113 Other Co. Ultrasonic Linear Motor In Stock ¥1,250
OTH00008 Other Co. 1/3 Human Anatomy Model In Stock ¥15,300
TAM89913 Tamiya Submarine Motor (Clear Blue) In Stock ¥560
TAM75023 Tamiya Remote Controller Toggle Switch 2p In Stock ¥240
TAM70089 Tamiya Walking Tyrannosaurus In Stock ¥1,440
TAM70103 Tamiya Universal Gearbox In Stock ¥528
TAM70105 Tamiya 3mm Diameter Shaft Set In Stock ¥384
TAM70119 Tamiya Amphibious Vehicle Kit In Stock ¥1,040
TAM70111 Tamiya Sports Tire Set (56mm Dia.) In Stock ¥432
TAM70154 Tamiya Submarine Motor w/Body of a Ship In Stock ¥640
TAM70155 Tamiya Push Rivet Set In Stock ¥288
TAM70186 Tamiya Underwater Gearbox Set In Stock ¥960
TAM70204 Tamiya Plastic Beams 3mm L-Shaped Clear (6pcs) In Stock ¥320
TAM70205 Tamiya Plastic Beams 5mm L-Shaped Clear (5pcs) In Stock ¥320
TAM71107 Tamiya Mechanical Insect (2ch Remote-Con) In Stock ¥1,984
TAM70213 Tamiya Springing Arm Robot In Stock ¥1,440
TAM71101 Tamiya Mechanical Dog In Stock ¥1,024
TAM71114 Tamiya Mechanical Blowfish In Stock ¥1,264
TAM71118 Tamiya 2-Channel Remote Control Rhinoceros Beetle In Stock ¥1,984
TAM89901 Tamiya Mechanical Rabbit Completed In Stock ¥1,184
TTA81152 Takara Tomy A.R.T.S 3D Capsule Encyclopedia Deep Sea World: 1 Box 8pcs In Stock ¥1,920
TKT32386 Takara Tomy Home Sweet Doughnut Maker In Stock ¥2,240
TKT34686 Takara Tomy Fresh Caramel Maker Plus In Stock ¥3,040
TKT34247 Takara Tomy Fresh Caramel Maker In Stock ¥2,384
HEL80441 Heller 1/125 Ariane 5 Rocket In Stock ¥2,560
HLJ16035 HobbyLink Japan 1/1 Pla Gyoza (Gyoza Plastic Model Kit) In Stock ¥1,300
IMA92570 Imai Elephant Turtle (Completed) In Stock ¥480
KADS-001 Kami de Korokoro 1/144 JAXA H-IIB Rocket In Stock ¥1,000
LORL4805 LionRoar 1/48 China's Space Lab Module Tiangong-1 Low Stock ¥3,230
CYVCH11021 Cyber Hobby 1/72 Saturn V w/Skylab In Stock ¥14,500
DAW10007 Daiwa Toy Simple Current and Voltage Meter Conduction Tester In Stock ¥800
DAW10016 Daiwa Toy Flashlight F-II In Stock ¥800
DAW10012 Daiwa Toy Flashlight F-I In Stock ¥720
CRW90002 Crown 1/6 Human Body In Stock ¥2,400
GAK27969 Gakken Puzca Working Vehicle In Stock ¥2,300
GAK750247 Gakken Vacuum Tube Amplifier In Stock ¥11,800
GAK62092 Gakken Heartbeat, Vitalcapacity, Fingerprint Experiment In Stock ¥1,715
GAK62147 Gakken Gyro-Power/Top In Stock ¥1,715
GNC6901 Glencoe Models 1/6 Explorer 1 Satellite In Stock ¥2,400
DRAW50370 Dragon 1/72 Apollo 18 & Soyuz 19 Low Stock ¥6,375
DYS00509 Doyusha 56cm Visible Female Anatomy Kit In Stock ¥7,840
DYS00507 Doyusha 50cm Upper Body In Stock ¥9,600
DYS00506 Doyusha 27cm Upper Body (Human Torso) In Stock ¥4,000
DYS00510 Doyusha 56cm Visible Pregnant Female Body Anatomy Kit In Stock ¥7,840
DYS62650 Doyusha Dinosaur Robot In Stock ¥1,600
DYS62624 Doyusha Robo Stag Beetle In Stock ¥1,200
DRAW52503 Dragon 1/48 Apollo 11 Command/Service Module (CSM) In Stock ¥4,160
DRAW50397 Dragon 1/72 Apollo 15 J-Missions Command & Service Module (CSM) In Stock ¥3,570
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