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ABE35236 Aber 1/35 Soviet Heavy Self-Propelled Gun JSU-152 #2 Fenders (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥3,900
ABE35241 Aber 1/35 Soviet 76.2mm M1936 (F22) Divisional Gun Detail Up Parts (for Bronco & ICM) In Stock ¥1,300
ABE35243 Aber 1/35 British 17pdr Anti-Tank Gun Mk.I (for Bronco) In Stock ¥2,400
ABE35K12 Aber 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B King Tiger (Sd.Kfz. 182) Henschel Turret Upgrade Set (for Dragon) In Stock ¥13,300
ABYM35151 Armand Bayardi 1/35 5 & 20 Gal. Drums In Stock ¥1,000
ABYM35152 Armand Bayardi 1/35 5 & 20 Gal. Drums Dented In Stock ¥1,000
ABYM35153 Armand Bayardi 1/35 Commo Wire Spools In Stock ¥700
ACMA136 Accurate Armour 1/35 Modern Snacks #1 In Stock ¥1,680
ACMD44 Accurate Armour 1/35 UK Camouflage Netting Post WWII Style #1 Worn In Stock ¥1,800
ADLAB35025 Adalbertus 1/35 Boy and Girl with a Dog in Ruins Warsaw 1939 In Stock ¥2,450
ADLAB35027 Adalbertus 1/35 Girl with Dog Warsaw 1939 In Stock ¥1,300
ADLAB35504 Adalbertus 1/35 Street Cart, Groceries In Stock ¥1,400
AFV35160 AFV Club 1/35 U.S. Army 105mm M2A1 (World War II Ver.) In Stock ¥2,400
AFV35162 AFV Club 1/35 Hush Puppie Track for Centurion In Stock ¥1,520
AFV35178 AFV Club 1/35 British Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine Mk.I In Stock ¥3,200
AFV35197 AFV Club 1/35 Track Links for British Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine Tank (Workable) In Stock ¥1,920
AFVHF068 AFV Club 1/35 Swedish Epbv 3022 Fire Control Vehicle Resin Full Kit In Stock ¥13,600
ARCAR35359 Archer 1/35 U.S. and German Aiming Post Stripes In Stock ¥700
ARCAR35360 Archer 1/35 Vietnam Era Pinups and Magazines In Stock ¥700
ATK35A16 Atak Model 1/35 M4A3E8 Concrete Armor Set (for DRA6183 Sherman Thunderbolt VII) In Stock ¥1,750
ATK35F01 Atak Model 1/35 35F-01 W-SS Grenadier #1 In Stock ¥1,900
ATK35F02 Atak Model 1/35 35F-02 W-SS Grenadier #2 In Stock ¥1,900
ATKAMZM35052 Atak Model 1/35 Zimmerit Flakpanzer IV Ostwind (for Trumpeter) In Stock ¥3,400
ATKAMZM35053 Atak Model 1/35 Zimmerit Sd.Kfz.166 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Early Production (for Tristar 35038) In Stock ¥3,400
BRN35041 Bronco Models 1/35 Sd.Kfz.6 - Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 5t (BN9b) Pioneer Version In Stock ¥5,440
BRN35043 Bronco Models 1/35 Sd.Kfz.6/2 (BN9b) 3.7cm FlaK 36 auf Fahrgestell Zugkraftwagen 5t (Early/Late Prod.) In Stock ¥6,800
BRN35061 Bronco Models 1/35 German Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf.D 1 (Sd.Kfz.121) In Stock ¥4,800
BRN35070 Bronco Models 1/35 German sWS Panzerwerfer 42 Rocket Launcher In Stock ¥5,760
BRN35077 Bronco Models 1/35 British 25pdr SP "Bishop" In Stock ¥5,440
BRN35087 Bronco Models 1/35 British 17Pdr Anti-Tank Gun Crew Set In Stock ¥1,600
BRNCB30573 Bronco Models 1/35 US 155mm Howitzer M1A1 In Stock ¥3,040
BRNCB35088 Bronco Models 1/35 WZ-701 Armoured Command & Control Vehicle In Stock ¥3,440
BRNCB35094 Bronco Models 1/35 Type 63-2 (YW-531B) Armored Personnel Carrier In Stock ¥3,440
CYVCH6342 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Flakpanzer IV Ausf.G "Wirbelwind" Early Production In Stock ¥3,760
CYVCH6675 Cyber Hobby 1/35 British 25-Pdr. Field Gun Mk.II w/Limber & Crew In Stock ¥3,040
CYVCH6678 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Imperial Japanese Navy Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank Combat Version In Stock ¥3,760
CYVCH6690 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Neubau-Fahrzeug Nr.3-5 In Stock ¥5,440
CYVCH6698 Cyber Hobby 1/35 M4A3 (75)W ETO In Stock ¥3,600
CYVCH9126 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen Command Type / Infantry Type (2 in 1) + SS Figure Set (Orange) In Stock ¥2,800
CYVCH9135 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C w/German Infantry in Action 1941-42 Low Stock ¥3,500
DEFDK35001 DEF Model 1/35 ROK Army K-511 Cargo Truck Conversion Kit (for AFV Club) In Stock ¥4,500
DEFDK35002 DEF Model 1/35 KM900 Light Armored Vehicle ROK Army, Marine Ver. (Full kit) In Stock ¥9,500
DEFDM35006 DEF Model 1/35 US Jersey Barrier Set (Wide Type) In Stock ¥1,000
DEFDM35007 DEF Model 1/35 US Jersey Barrier Set (Narrow Type) In Stock ¥1,000
DEFDM35008 DEF Model 1/35 US Humvee Stowage + MT Tire Set (One Piece Type) (for all Humvees) In Stock ¥2,500
DEFDM35009 DEF Model 1/35 M1151Natural Weighted Suspension + MT/R Tire Set (One Piece Type) (for Academy) In Stock ¥2,500
DEFDW30002 DEF Model 1/35 WWII German Wagen Wheel Set 2-Sagged (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥1,200
DEFDW30003 DEF Model 1/35 WWII German Wagen Continental Wheel Set 3-Sagged (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥1,200
DEFDW35004 DEF Model 1/35 HMMWV R/T II Sagged Wheel Set (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥1,600
DEFDW35005 DEF Model 1/35 ShkH DANA vz.77 MP913 Sagged Tire Set (for Hobby Boss) In Stock ¥2,800
DEFDW35006 DEF Model 1/35 ShkH DANA vz.77 MP914 Sagged Tire Set (for Hobby Boss) In Stock ¥2,800

Out of Stock

DEFDW35008 DEF Model 1/35 LRD Wolf WM1K Mich.235 Wheel Set Sagged (for Hobby Boss) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks

In Stock

DEFDW35011 DEF Model 1/35 LAV-25 SLEP Wheel Set Sagged (for Trumpeter) In Stock ¥2,400
DEFDW35012 DEF Model 1/35 B1 Centauro Wheel Set Sagged (for Trumpeter) In Stock ¥2,800
DEFDW35015 DEF Model 1/35 Boxer MRAV Wheel Set Sagged (for Hobby Boss) In Stock ¥3,000
DEFDW35016 DEF Model 1/35 JGSDF Type 96 WAPC Sagged Wheel Set Sagged (for Monochrome/Trumpeter) In Stock ¥2,400
DOP35006 Diopark 1/35 Factory Tools Set 1 In Stock ¥1,785
DRA6533 Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.7/1 2cm Flakvierling 38 w/Armor Cab 2 in 1 Smart Kit In Stock ¥4,560
EDU31007 Eduard 1/35 Humber Scout Car Mk.I Interior (for Bronco) In Stock ¥2,520
EDU31161 Eduard 1/35 Ivy-Berry / Brectan Color In Stock ¥3,240
EDU31163 Eduard 1/35 Nashorn Ammo Boxes (for AFV Club) In Stock ¥2,835
EDU31167 Eduard 1/35 Rushes / Rakos - Color In Stock ¥3,240
EDU31168 Eduard 1/35 Sunflowers In Stock ¥1,980
FRL51080 Friulmodel 1/35 Working Metal Track Set for Russian Voroshilovetz Tractor In Stock ¥3,510
FRL51120 Friulmodel 1/35 Working Metal Track Set for Mittelerer Zugkraftwagen 5t (Sd.Kfz.6-6/2-Diana) In Stock ¥3,510
FRL51130 Friulmodel 1/35 Working Metal Track Set for Archer Self-Propelled Gun In Stock ¥3,780
HOB22446 Hobby Boss 1/35 Defender XD "Wolf" W.M.I.K. In Stock ¥3,840
HOB22451 Hobby Boss 1/35 U.S. M3A1 "White Scout Car" Early Production In Stock ¥3,840
HOB22452 Hobby Boss 1/35 U.S. M3A1 White Scout Car Late Production In Stock ¥3,840
HRN-HBH15 Hornet 1/35 5 Heads Wearing British Sidecaps WWII In Stock ¥1,100
HRN-HGH24 Hornet 1/35 German Navy 5 Heads WWII (3 Officers, 2 Seamen) In Stock ¥1,100
HRN-HH32 Hornet 1/35 5 Bare Heads Starved, Emaciated In Stock ¥1,100
ICM35012 ICM 1/35 Prussian Line Infantry (1870-1871) In Stock ¥960
ICM35031 ICM 1/35 Soviet Sappers Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1988) In Stock ¥880
ICM35471 ICM 1/35 Admiral Cabriolet WWII German Staff Car with 3 Figures In Stock ¥3,040
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