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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
TKT34165 Takara Tomy Gravity Bots GB-03 Starscream In Stock ¥805
TKT34166 Takara Tomy Gravity Bots GB-04 Sideswipe In Stock ¥805
TKT34167 Takara Tomy Gravity Bots GB-05 Mudflap In Stock ¥805
TKT34141 Takara Tomy RA-03 Bumblebee Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TKT34764 Takara Tomy RA-12 Depthcharge Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TKT34144 Takara Tomy RD-07 Dead End Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TKT34145 Takara Tomy RA-07 Knock Out Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TKT34161 Takara Tomy RA-11 Chromia Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TKT33994 Takara Tomy RA-01 Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥5,440
TKT34129 Takara Tomy Robo-Q x Transformers Optimus Prime (B Band) Discontinued ¥3,200
TKT34130 Takara Tomy Robo-Q x Transformers Bumblebee (C Band) Discontinued ¥3,200
TKT34139 Takara Tomy RD-04 Soundwave Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34142 Takara Tomy RA-06 Rollbar Discontinued ¥960
TKT34146 Takara Tomy RD-08 Dirt Boss Discontinued ¥960
TKT34147 Takara Tomy RD-05 Sideways Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34148 Takara Tomy RA-04 Sideswipe Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34149 Takara Tomy RD-06 Rampage Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34154 Takara Tomy RA-05 Breakaway Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34155 Takara Tomy RD-03 Demolishor Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34156 Takara Tomy RD-02 Starscream Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34157 Takara Tomy RD-01 Megatron Discontinued ¥5,440
TKT34158 Takara Tomy RA-09 Autobot Wheelie Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34159 Takara Tomy RA-10 Autobot Skids Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34162 Takara Tomy RA-02 Ironhide Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34163 Takara Tomy Gravity Bots GB-01 Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34164 Takara Tomy Gravity Bots GB-02 Bumblebee Discontinued ¥805
TKT34763 Takara Tomy RA-08 Desert Tracker Rachet Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34765 Takara Tomy RD-09 Ransack Discontinued ¥960
TKT34766 Takara Tomy RD-10 The Fallen Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34851 Takara Tomy RA-13 Jetfire Discontinued ¥5,440
TKT34852 Takara Tomy RA-14 Cannon Bumblebee Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34853 Takara Tomy RA-15 Mudflap Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34854 Takara Tomy RA-16 Dune Runner Discontinued ¥960
TKT34855 Takara Tomy RA-21 Human Alliance Bumblebee & Sam Witwicky Discontinued ¥4,000
TKT34856 Takara Tomy RA-17 Stratosphere Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34857 Takara Tomy RA-18 Blazemaster Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34858 Takara Tomy RA-19 Jolt Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34859 Takara Tomy RA-20 Autobot Skids & Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck) Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34860 Takara Tomy RD-11 Megatron Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34861 Takara Tomy RD-12 Mixmaster Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT34863 Takara Tomy RD-13 Ravage Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT34864 Takara Tomy RD-14 Scalpel Discontinued ¥960
TKT34865 Takara Tomy RD-15 Ejector Discontinued ¥960
TKT34866 Takara Tomy RD-16 Constructicon Devastator Discontinued ¥12,000
TKT34983 Takara Tomy D-04 Scavenger Discontinued ¥480
TKT34984 Takara Tomy D-03 Decepticon Rampage Discontinued ¥480
TKT34985 Takara Tomy D-06 Longhaul Discontinued ¥480
TKT34986 Takara Tomy D-07 Hightower Discontinued ¥480
TKT34987 Takara Tomy D-05 Scrapper Discontinued ¥480
TKT34988 Takara Tomy D-01 Overload Discontinued ¥480
TKT35280 Takara Tomy D-02 Mixmaster Discontinued ¥480
TKT35579 Takara Tomy RA-22 Human Alliance Sideswipe & Tech Sergeant Epp Discontinued ¥4,000
TKT35581 Takara Tomy RD-17 Long Haul Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT35582 Takara Tomy RA-23 Arcee Discontinued ¥1,840
TKT35583 Takara Tomy RA-25 Human Alliance Skids & Mikaela Banes Discontinued ¥4,000
TKT35584 Takara Tomy RD-18 Grindor Discontinued ¥3,040
TKT35728 Takara Tomy RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥6,240
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