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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
ALJ79325 Albatross Japan Zetton II Completed Polystone In Stock ¥7,650
BAN967322 Bandai Ultra Monsters EX Neo Baltan Low Stock ¥400
FKK44762 Ultraman Ace 1972 (Mamoru Uchiyama) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
FKK44763 Ultraman Taro Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
FKK44761 The Return of Ultraman 1971 (Mamoru Uchiyama) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
FUJ09131 Fujimi 1/72 Ultraman Sub VTOL Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TYT02139 Taiyo Tosho Heisei Ultraman Ride Mecha Toy Chronicle Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BAN959388 Bandai Ultraman Hikari no Kyojin Collection Vol. 4: 1 Box (8pcs) Discontinued ¥3,712
BAN964226 Bandai Ultride Mechanics Deluxe UX-01 Guts Wing 1 Discontinued ¥1,680
BAN964223 Bandai U.M.W. UX-02 XIG Fighter SS Discontinued ¥4,080
BAN964227 Bandai U.M.W. UX-03 XIG Fighter SG Discontinued ¥4,080
BAN964690 Bandai HD alpha Ultraman 2011 The Movie: 1 Box (10pcs) Discontinued ¥2,700
BAN965061 Bandai Alien Kemul Discontinued ¥640
BAN965561 Bandai Ultra-Act Kaizer Belial Discontinued ¥3,600
BAN965562 Bandai ULTRA-ACT Ultimate Zero Discontinued ¥3,040
BAN966622 Bandai Hero Bank Ultraman Discontinued ¥2,400
BAN966621 Bandai Natsunomeryu Discontinued ¥640
BAN966838 Bandai ULTRA ACT: Ultraman Tiga Multi Type Discontinued ¥2,720
BAN966839 Bandai ULTRA ACT: Kyrieloid Discontinued ¥1,900
ALJ79211 Albatross Japan Pegila Completed Polystone Discontinued ¥5,950
ALJ79212 Albatross Japan Pagos Completed Polystone Discontinued ¥5,950
ALJ79312 Albatross Japan Birugamo Completed Discontinued ¥10,200
ALJ79321 Albatross Japan Prisma Discontinued ¥12,750
ALJ79322 Albatross Japan Alien Baltan Jr. Discontinued ¥6,800
ALJ79320 Albatross Japan Prop Mini #01 MAT-Sub Discontinued ¥13,000
ALJ79319 Albatross Japan Gorbagos Discontinued ¥5,950
BAN970242 Bandai Ultra Brothers Transformation Items Set 3 Discontinued ¥2,560
BAN970233 Bandai Ultra Hero Best 02 Discontinued ¥2,000
BAN970234 Bandai Ultra Mecha Best Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN970232 Bandai Ultra Hero Best 01 Discontinued ¥2,000
BAN970239 Bandai Picture Book Ultra Pad Discontinued ¥1,160
BAN970236 Bandai Air Monster Jumbo Eleking Discontinued ¥1,760
BAN970235 Bandai Air Monster Jumbo Gomora Discontinued ¥1,760
BAN970262 Bandai Air Monster Jumbo Alien Baltan Discontinued ¥3,600
BAN970257 Bandai Jannine Discontinued ¥640
BAN970952 Bandai Ultra-Act Ultraman Gaia (V2) Discontinued ¥2,880
BAN971247 Bandai Ultra-Act Ultraman Agul V2 Discontinued ¥2,560
BAN967009 Bandai ULTRA-ACT Ultraman Tiga Sky Type Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN967010 Bandai ULTRA-ACT Tiga Dark Discontinued ¥3,200
BAN967092 Bandai Ultra Act Ultraman Leo Discontinued ¥2,720
BAN967096 Bandai Ultra Act Ultraman Tiga Power Type Discontinued ¥2,560
BAN967093 Bandai Ultra Act Alien Magma Discontinued ¥2,720
BAN967321 Bandai Ultra Monsters EX Galberos Discontinued ¥640
BAN968705 Bandai Mountain Gulliver 5 Discontinued ¥640
BAN969649 Bandai Ultraman VS Set: 1 Box (10pcs) Discontinued ¥1,140
BAN969901 Bandai Ultra Act Evil Tiga Discontinued ¥2,560
MEDPBM-045 Medicom PBM Ultraman Dyna Flash Type Discontinued ¥13,440
MRU38065 Marusan Marusan Rainbow Series 04 Ultraman350 Discontinued ¥17,143
MRU38057 Marusan M-POP Rainbow Series Pigmon Discontinued ¥17,143
MRU38095 Marusan Ultraman 450 New Light Gray Discontinued ¥8,100
MRU38500 Marusan Ultra Seven New Light Gray Discontinued ¥8,100
XPS00863 X Plus Ultra New Generation Hero Side: Ultraman Leo PVC Discontinued ¥8,800
XPS00895 X Plus Ultraman Jack Ver. 2 Discontinued ¥8,800
XPS00879 X Plus Giant Gyango PVC Discontinued ¥17,800
XPS00857 X Plus Earthtron Discontinued ¥9,800
XPS00877 X Plus Keira Discontinued ¥16,800
XPS00937 X Plus Garamon (Natural Color Ver.) Discontinued ¥11,400
XPS00912 X Plus Antlar (Reborn) Discontinued ¥9,300
XPS00905 X Plus Red King (Reborn) Discontinued ¥9,300
XPS00903 X Plus Telesdon (Reborn) Discontinued ¥9,300
XPS00933 X Plus Alien Mephilas PVC Discontinued ¥16,800
XPS00946 X Plus Zaragas Discontinued ¥18,400
XPS00916 X Plus Astra Discontinued ¥8,800
INS11039 Insipre Garamon Clear Pink (Ultra Q) Discontinued ¥3,420
INS79323 Insipre MAT Arrow 2 Polystone Discontinued ¥13,000
INS11034 Insipre Barking Garamon Discontinued ¥3,600
INS10007 Insipre Silver Blume Ver. 2 (Ultraman Leo) Discontinued ¥3,420
DIGWU100 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #100 Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU101 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #101 Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU104 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #104 Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU112 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #112: Final Issue Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU109 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #109 Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU106 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #106 Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU108 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #108 Discontinued ¥552
DIGWU107 Deagostini Ultraman Official Data File #107 Discontinued ¥552
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