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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
CMR72CS195 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Avro York C.1 Conversin Set (Berlin Airlift) In Stock ¥9,400
CMR72238 Czech Master Resin 1/72 HS Buccaneer S.2 FAA In Stock ¥15,600
CMR72224 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Supermarine Scimitar F.1 Early In Stock ¥13,400
CMR72G5007 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Rhonbussard In Stock ¥2,100
CMR72G5008 Czech Master Resin 1/72 RRG Rhonadler In Stock ¥2,100
CMR72G031 Czech Master Resin 1/72 L-13AC Blanik (TG-10C Kestrel) In Stock ¥3,000
CMR72G036 Czech Master Resin 1/72 DFS Weihe/VT-3 Vazka In Stock ¥2,600
CMR72G041 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Horten H IVb In Stock ¥2,800
CMR72G5002 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Fafnir In Stock ¥2,600
CMR72G037 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Fafnir 2 In Stock ¥2,600
CMR72G012 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Goppingen Go-1 Wolf In Stock ¥1,900
AMM72243 A Model 1/72 Tachikawa KKY-1 In Stock ¥2,240
AGR2123 ANiGRAND 1/72 Miles (Shorts) M.30 X-Minor In Stock ¥10,030
FLX72011 Fly 1/72 Avia BH-21 In Stock ¥3,330
FLX72020 Fly 1/72 Avia BH-2 w/Ski In Stock ¥3,510
AKMAK72035 ARK Models 1/72 Bristol Blenheim MkI.F In Stock ¥1,870
AZUFR014 Azur 1/72 Rogozarski IK-3 "Fighting Prototypes" In Stock ¥2,700
AZUFR012 Azur 1/72 Rogozarski IK-3 "April Fights" In Stock ¥2,700
SPH72143 Special Hobby 1/72 Fairey Fulmar Mk.I In Stock ¥3,600
SPH72203 Special Hobby 1/72 F-82H Twin Mustang "Alaskan All-Weather Fighter" In Stock ¥4,590
SPH72204 Special Hobby 1/72 Westland Whirlwind FB Mk.1 Different Whirlwinds In Stock ¥3,105
SPHSH72196 Special Hobby 1/72 Fairey Fulmar N.1854 Fulmar Prototype In Stock ¥2,925
SPH72076 Special Hobby 1/72 AH-1G Cobra M-35 Gun System Vietnam In Stock ¥2,340
SPH72277 Special Hobby 1/72 AH-1S Cobra IDF In Stock ¥2,610
DYS50038 Doyusha 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109E/Trop In Stock ¥1,700
DYS50039 Doyusha 1/72 P-51D Mustang Low Stock ¥1,700
AKMAK72016 ARK Models 1/72 Dewoitine D.520C Fighter In Stock ¥1,190
AKMAK72005 ARK Models 1/72 Lockheed PV-1 Ventura Bomber/ Patrol Aircraft In Stock ¥1,870
SPH72200 Special Hobby 1/72 F-82G Twin Mustang In Stock ¥4,905
CMR72158 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Bl. Firebrand TF.5 Late Schemes In Stock ¥6,900
CMR72G5006 Czech Master Resin 1/72 DFS Olympia Meise In Stock ¥2,800
CMR725048 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Fokker S.14 Mach Trainer In Stock ¥4,800
CMR72G5011 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Stummel Habicht In Stock ¥2,100
CMR72G5020 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Fafnir 2 Sao Paulo In Stock ¥2,600
CMR72G5005 Czech Master Resin 1/72 Sperber Senior In Stock ¥2,600
FLX72009 Fly 1/72 Henschel Hs123A in Spain and China Service In Stock ¥2,565
FLX72010 Fly 1/72 Henschel Hs123B In Stock ¥2,565
FLX72003 Fly 1/72 Caproni Ca.101 In Stock ¥4,680
AKI010 Aki 1/72 Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Resin Kit In Stock ¥5,800
ICM72121 ICM 1/72 Pfalz E.IV WWI German Fighter In Stock ¥800
REV04998 Revell 1/72 Canadia CL-415 In Stock ¥4,320
AKMAK72031 ARK Models 1/72 De Havilland D.110 Sea Vixen In Stock ¥2,125
MAC72128 MAC Models 1/72 Pfalz D.IIIa Aces In Stock ¥2,320
SPH72039 Special Hobby 1/72 Heinkel He 59D/N In Stock ¥5,625
ARF06001 Airfix 1/72 Short Sunderland III In Stock ¥3,200
SWD72055 Sword 1/72 Supermarine Seafire Mk.III In Stock ¥2,250
SWD72076 Sword 1/72 C6N1-S Saiun In Stock ¥2,520
SWD72056 Sword 1/72 Supermarine Seafire Mk.XV Early In Stock ¥2,250
BRG72013 Brengun 1/72 Zeppelin Rammer (2 pieces) In Stock ¥1,785
BRG72012 Brengun 1/72 Typhoon Mk.Ia Early/Late In Stock ¥2,465
AZU72053 Azur 1/72 Breguet Br 693A.2 In Stock ¥2,970
BRG72010 Brengun 1/72 Spitfire Mk.Vb Messerspit In Stock ¥2,125
SPH72295 Special Hobby 1/72 C-60 Lodestar Pacific Transport In Stock ¥2,970
REV04276 Revell 1/72 Heinkel He115B/C Seaplane In Stock ¥2,400
EST72215 Eastern Express 1/72 Stormovik Illyushin IL-2 M In Stock ¥1,600
REV04692 Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju87G/D Tank Buster In Stock ¥1,360
ICM72163 ICM 1/72 Avia B-71 WWII German Air Force Bomber In Stock ¥1,840
HRM72015 HR Model 1/72 Nieuport Nie.10 France + RNAS Early In Stock ¥3,120
SER848 Smer 1/72 Hawker Tempest Mk.V In Stock ¥960
SPH72244 Special Hobby 1/72 SF-1/FF-2 U.S.Navy Scout Fighter/Trainer In Stock ¥2,520
SPH72260 Special Hobby 1/72 P-35 Silver Wings Era In Stock ¥2,790
SPH72213 Special Hobby 1/72 PV-2 Harpoon Post War Foreign Service In Stock ¥3,240
AZU74007 Azur 1/72 Nieuport NiD-29 Export In Stock ¥2,655
HEL80272 Heller 1/72 F6F Hellcat In Stock ¥1,040
ICM72031 ICM 1/72 Tu-2S WWII Soviet Bomber In Stock ¥1,840
SER847 Smer 1/72 Spitfire Mk.VB In Stock ¥960
FLX72006 Fly 1/72 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V In Stock ¥6,030
SPH72241 Special Hobby 1/72 Vickers/CASA Type 245 Spanish Vildebeest with Floats In Stock ¥5,310
HEL80345 Heller 1/72 DH 89 Dragon Rapide In Stock ¥2,240
ICM72242 ICM 1/72 U2/Po-2 Soviet Multi Purpose Aircraft In Stock ¥800
BRG72007 Brengun 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Car Doors Early-Mid In Stock ¥2,380
MPM72541 MPM 1/72 A-29/PBO-1 Hudson In Stock ¥3,510
SER839 Smer 1/72 Morane-Saulnier MS230 In Stock ¥960
REV04277 Revell 1/72 Supermarine Stranraer In Stock ¥2,880
SWD72084 Sword 1/72 Seafire MkIII In Stock ¥2,250
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