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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
CMK4012 CMK 1/48 Hurricane Control Surfaces Set for Hasegawa Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4013 CMK 1/48 Hurricane Mk.II Conversion Set for Hasegawa Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4022 CMK 1/48 BAC Lightning Interior Set for Airfix Discontinued ¥1,900
CMK4026 CMK 1/48 BAC Lightning Control Surfaces Set for Airfix Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4038 CMK 1/48 RR Merlin Engine Set for Mosquito Tamiya Discontinued ¥1,900
CMK4103 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IX Interior Set for Hasegawa Discontinued ¥2,600
CMK4105 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IX C/E Armament Set for Hasegawa Discontinued ¥1,900
CMK4106 CMK 1/48 Mosquito Mk.IV/VI Exterior Set for Tamiya Discontinued ¥3,300
CMK4108 CMK 1/48 Mosquito Pro Mk.XVI (Double Stage Merlin) Conversion Set for Tamiya Discontinued ¥3,300
CMK4118 CMK 1/48 Beaufighter MK.I.F. Conversion Set for Tamiya Discontinued ¥2,600
CMK4123 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Armament Type A Set for Tamiya Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4125 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Armament Type C Set for Hasegawa/Tamiya Discontinued ¥1,900
CMK4126 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Armament Type E Set for Hasegawa Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4163 CMK 1/48 Fairey Swordfish Control Surfaces Set for Tamiya Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4181 CMK 1/48 Wellington Mk.Ic interior Set for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥2,800
CMK4182 CMK 1/48 Wellington Mk.Ic Engine Set (for Trumpeter) Discontinued ¥4,400
CMK4183 CMK 1/48 Wellington MK.Ic Armament Set for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥4,400
CMK4184 CMK 1/48 Wellington Mk.1C Undercarriage Set for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥2,600
CMK4193 CMK 1/48 Bristol Hercules British WWII Radial Engine Discontinued ¥1,750
CMK4194 CMK 1/48 Bristol Pegasus X British Radial Engine WWII Discontinued ¥1,750
CMK4209 CMK 1/48 Westland Wyvern Control Surfaces for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥2,250
CMK4214 CMK 1/48 Hawker Sea Hawk Wing Fold Set for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥1,800
CMK4216 CMK 1/48 Rolls Royce Merlin Serie 60 British In-Line Engine WWII Discontinued ¥2,300
CMK4223 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Equipment Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥2,300
CMK4227 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Undercarriage Legs for Airfix Discontinued ¥5,200
CMKQ48069 CMK 1/48 Wellington Mk.IC Exhaust Stubs for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥650
CMKQ48113 CMK 1/48 Wyvern S.4 Wheels for Trumpeter Discontinued ¥650
CMK4256 CMK 1/48 Canberra PR Mk.9 Photocamera Bay (for Airfix) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CMK4260 CMK 1/48 Mosquito Mk.II/IV/VI Control Surfaces Set (for Tamiya) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CMK4261 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vb Control Surfaces Set (for Tamiya) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CMK4021 CMK 1/48 BAC Lightning Undercarriage Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥1,900
CMK4104 CMK 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IX Exterior Set (for Hasegawa) Discontinued ¥1,900
CMK4144 CMK 1/48 BAe Hawk T.1 Exterior Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥1,550
CMK4202 CMK 1/48 Bristol Pegasus II British WWII Radial Engine Discontinued ¥2,050
CMK4210 CMK 1/48 Westland Wywern Undercarriage Set (for Trumpeter) Discontinued ¥2,300
CMK4211 CMK 1/48 Westland Wywern Wing Fold Set (for Trumpeter) Discontinued ¥1,800
CMK4212 CMK 1/48 Hawker Sea Hawk Control Surfaces Set (for Trumpeter) Discontinued ¥2,250
CMK4213 CMK 1/48 Hawker Sea Hawk Undercarriage Set (for Trumpeter) Discontinued ¥2,300
CMK4221 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Electronics Bay (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥2,250
CMK4222 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Nose Undercarriage Bay (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥1,380
CMK4224 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Exhaust Nozzles Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥2,300
CMK4225 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Airbrakes Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥1,800
CMK4229 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Wheels Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥2,300
CMK4233 CMK 1/48 TSR-2 Correction Set Pilot's Canopy (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥1,380
CMK4234 CMK 1/48 Hawk T.Mk.I Wing Flaps Set (for Italeri) Discontinued ¥1,800
CMK4235 CMK 1/48 Hawk T.Mk.I Interior Set (for Italeri) Discontinued ¥2,850
CMK4240 CMK 1/48 Camberra B.2/PR.9 Wheels Set (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥1,800
CMK4255 CMK 1/48 Camberra PR Mk.9 Bomb Bay (for Airfix) Discontinued ¥3,050
CMKQ48135 CMK 1/48 Camberra Bomber Version Wheels Set (for Airfix/Classic Airframes) Discontinued ¥1,800
CMKQ48136 CMK 1/48 Camberra PR Mk.9 Instrument Panel (for Airfix)/Classic Airframes) Discontinued ¥1,050
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