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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
GEG60238 Gentle Giant 1/4 Sucker Punch Limited Edition Statue: Baby Doll (Japan Edition) Discontinued ¥28,334
SST34170 Sideshow Collectibles 1/4 Star Wars: Stormtrooper Premium Format Figure Discontinued ¥17,143
SST34463 Sideshow Collectibles 1/4 Sucker Punch/ Babydoll Premium Format Figure Discontinued ¥36,429
DAK014 Daiki Kogyo 1/4 Majikina Mina Resin Kit Discontinued ¥27,200
GESGG-14 Gesse/GTZ 1/4 Belldandy Discontinued ¥35,000
KYDCC-21 Kaiyodo 1/4 Super Sailor Moon Completed Discontinued ¥31,500
KYDGK-02 Kaiyodo 1/4 Super Sailor Moon Discontinued ¥31,500
EBY35020 ENTERBAY 1/4 HD Masterpiece/ Batman The Dark Knight: Batman Discontinued ¥34,114
EBY35021 ENTERBAY 1/4 HD Masterpiece/ Batman The Dark Knight: Jorker Discontinued ¥34,114
PCS34262 Pop Culture Shock 1/4 Mortal Kombat/ Mixed Media Statue: Scorpion Ltd. Discontinued ¥32,381
PCS34337 Pop Culture Shock 1/4 Chun-Li Mixed Media Statue Discontinued ¥32,381
YMT35041 Yamato 1/4 Fantasy Figure Galley Malefic Time Luz Painted Resin Statue Discontinued ¥25,500
YMT34901 Yamato 1/4 Fantasy Figure Gallery Hot Box (Hajime Sorayama) Completed Discontinued ¥26,180
VOL023 Volks 1/4 Belldandy "Ultimate version" Discontinued ¥39,800
VOL025 Volks 1/4 Belldandy "June Bride Version" Discontinued ¥39,800
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