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Blade Runner

DAK37167 Daiki Kogyo 1/1 Blaster Gun Prop Replica Aug. Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?



MEG81682 Mega House Variable Action Hydram In Stock ¥7,920


BAN986746 Bandai Disk Wars: Bachicombat Soul AS01 Mutant Disc (Tech) In Stock ¥544
BAN986750 Bandai Hyper Motions War Machine Low Stock ¥1,440
BAN986751 Bandai Hyper Motions Wolverine In Stock ¥1,440
BAN989290 Bandai Disk Wars: Bachicombat Soul AS03 Mutant Disc (Fight) In Stock ¥544

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

BAN989287 Bandai Disk Wars: Bachicombat Soul AS02 Mutant Disk (Energy) In Stock ¥544
BAN989288 Bandai Disk Wars: Bachicombat Soul AS04 Mutant Disk (Animal) In Stock ¥544
BAN989289 Bandai Disk Wars: Bachicombat Soul AS05 Mutant Disk (Power) In Stock ¥544
BAN989291 Bandai Disk Wars: Disk Set Mega X In Stock ¥1,920

ToQger / Tokkyuger

BAN986824 Bandai Ressha Gattai#11 DX Build DaiOh Order Stop ¥5,200
BAN989172 Bandai Ressha Gattai#EX DX Safari GaOh Order Stop ¥5,760

Transformers The Movie

TKT80565 Takara Tomy AD20 Black Night Grimlock Discontinued ¥6,000
TKT80575 Takara Tomy LA06 Drift In Stock ¥960
TKT80576 Takara Tomy LA01 Battle Command Optimus Prime In Stock ¥5,184
TKT80986 Takara Tomy AD22 GalVatron Discontinued ¥3,600
TKT80987 Takara Tomy AD21 Hound Discontinued ¥3,600
TKT80988 Takara Tomy AD23 Drift Discontinued ¥2,240
TKT80989 Takara Tomy AD24 Strafe Discontinued ¥2,240
TKT80990 Takara Tomy AD25 Dinobot Slash Low Stock ¥2,240
TKT80991 Takara Tomy AD26 Lockdown Discontinued ¥2,240
TKT80994 Takara Tomy LA02 Big Grimlock In Stock ¥2,240
TKT80995 Takara Tomy LA03 Bumblebee In Stock ¥960
TKT80996 Takara Tomy LA04 Grimlock In Stock ¥960
TKT80997 Takara Tomy LA05 Hound In Stock ¥960
TKT80998 Takara Tomy LA07 Cross Hairs In Stock ¥960
TKT80999 Takara Tomy LA08 Dinobot Slash In Stock ¥960
TKT81000 Takara Tomy LA09 Lockdown In Stock ¥960


BAN989255 Bandai Chiki Mon: Antler In Stock ¥720
BAN989256 Bandai Chiki Mon: Alien Kemur In Stock ¥720

Ultraman Ginga

BAN989207 Bandai DX Storium Bracelet In Stock ¥2,880
BAN989211 Bandai Ultra Change Ultraman Victory Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BAN989238 Bandai Ultra Change Ultraman Ginga Storium Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
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