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Future Release

OLF219B Olfa Zero Hyper AL Aug. Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?


In Stock

OLF10B Olfa Art Knife In Stock ¥440
OLF11B Olfa Olfa Cutter Type L In Stock ¥440
OLF134B Olfa Cutter Mat A4 Size (320mm x 225mm) In Stock ¥704
OLF135B Olfa Cutter Mat A3 Size (450mm x 320mm) In Stock ¥1,024
OLF141B Olfa Work Cutter Low Stock ¥440
OLF157B Olfa Art Knife Pro Low Stock ¥1,024
OLF167B Olfa Hobby Saw Low Stock ¥880
OLF172B Olfa Hobby Rotary Cutter In Stock ¥440
OLF189B Olfa Ratchet Compass Cutter In Stock ¥704
OLF195B Olfa Rotating Cutting Mat 30 In Stock ¥2,160
OLF198B Olfa Cutter Hyper A In Stock ¥352
OLF20209 Olfa Olfa Cutter Ltd-09 Limited AK Low Stock ¥880
OLF203B Olfa Olfa Cutter Type M In Stock ¥320
OLF205B Olfa Plastic Scriber L Type Low Stock ¥704
OLF214B Olfa Poki Station (Blade Snapping Device) In Stock ¥960
OLF215B Olfa Small Cutter A Plus In Stock ¥264
OLF216BBK Olfa Designer Knife Black Low Stock ¥320
OLF216BY Olfa Designer Knife Yellow Low Stock ¥320
OLF218B Olfa Zero Hyper L In Stock ¥528
OLF2B Olfa Olfa Cutter Black S In Stock ¥176
OLF57B Olfa Compass Cutter In Stock ¥440
OLFLB10B Olfa Spare Blades L 10pcs In Stock ¥304
OLFMTB10B Olfa Spare Blades For Cutter M 10pcs In Stock ¥288
OLFRB182 Olfa Spare Blades For Rotary Cutter (2pcs) In Stock ¥280
OLFSB10B Olfa Cutter Knife Replacement Blade (10pcs) In Stock ¥216
OLFXB10S Olfa Art Knife Replacement Blade 25pcs Low Stock ¥240
OLFXB13 Olfa P-450 Replacement Blade 5pcs In Stock ¥200
OLFXB141 Olfa Spare Blades For Work Cutter (10pcs) Low Stock ¥352
OLFXB157H Olfa Replacement Blade B for Art Knife Pro Flat Blade ( In Stock ¥280
OLFXB157K Olfa Spare Blades for Pro-Art Knife (Curved Blade) 3pcs In Stock ¥280
OLFXB157T Olfa Spare Blades for Pro Art Knife Standard 3pcs In Stock ¥280
OLFXB167A Olfa Spare Blades For Hobby Saw Wide 3pcs In Stock ¥280
OLFXB167B Olfa Replacement Blade B for Saw (3pcs) Low Stock ¥280


OLF204B Olfa Plastic Scriber S Type Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
OLFXB216 Olfa Designer Knife Spare Blade (30pcs) Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks

Out of Stock

OLFXB57 Olfa Compass Cutter Blade 15pcs Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
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