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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
BAN960396 Bandai Sticker Set for Pellermodel Basic-M In Stock ¥23
BAN960417 Bandai Sticker Set for Pellermodel Skirt-M In Stock ¥23
BAN960418 Bandai Sticker Set for Pellermodel Kids In Stock ¥23
BAN931886 Bandai Setting Roller In Stock ¥50
BAN934087 Bandai Rear Stabilizer Set In Stock ¥50
BAN943428 Bandai Setting Roller Set In Stock ¥50
BAN934041 Bandai Rear Wide Adapter & Roller Set In Stock ¥60
BAN931884 Bandai Slide Front Roller Set In Stock ¥75
BAN934078 Bandai SP-009 Speed Gear Set (2.9:1) In Stock ¥75
BAN934083 Bandai Aerowing Set In Stock ¥75
BAN932167 Bandai Side Assist Roller Set In Stock ¥80
BAN931883 Bandai Aero Wide Wheel & Slit Wide Tire In Stock ¥84
BAN932137 Bandai Light Weight Racing Tire In Stock ¥84
BAN934086 Bandai Big Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥84
BAN934077 Bandai Metal Bearing Set In Stock ¥88
BAN931887 Bandai Adjust Rear Roller Set In Stock ¥90
BAN939671 Bandai Positioning Rear Roller Set In Stock ¥90
BAN941036 Bandai Landing Under Guard In Stock ¥90
BAN960381 Bandai Pellermodel Skirt-M White In Stock ¥95
BAN960382 Bandai Pellermodel Kids White In Stock ¥95
BAN938418 Bandai Top Roller & Front Under Roller Set In Stock ¥100
BAN938424 Bandai FRP Tempered Stay In Stock ¥100
BAN943432 Bandai Slide Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥100
BAN948111 Bandai GT Top Roller & Rear Top Roller Set In Stock ¥100
BAN961405 Bandai Pellermodel Pets In Stock ¥100
BAN932138 Bandai Hyper Bakutune Engine & Metal Pinion In Stock ¥105
BAN941034 Bandai Light Weight Slick Tire In Stock ¥112
BAN932166 Bandai Aero Double Roller Set In Stock ¥120
BAN934040 Bandai Lock Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥120
BAN941911 Bandai Front Adjust Stay In Stock ¥120
BAN943429 Bandai Lock Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥120
BAN945088 Bandai Front Positioning Stay In Stock ¥120
BAN962658 Bandai Plastic Bearing Set for Hyper Yo-Yo Spin Phoenix In Stock ¥143
BAN44859 Bandai 1/144 Grade up Set (for G Gundam series) Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BAN61266 Bandai No.30 Planet Destruction Missile In Stock ¥160
BAN956869 Bandai CB #07 Super Dragon Guardian Formulandar Jr. Low Stock ¥160
BAN975199 Bandai Tamamo Letter Refill Vol.1 Dream Yumemitchi Ver. In Stock ¥160
BAN976320 Bandai Tamamo Letter Refill Vol.1 Dream Kirartchi Ver. In Stock ¥160
BAN33400 Bandai No.01 Yamato Low Stock ¥180
BAN33401 Bandai No.13 TDF Patrol Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN33402 Bandai No.25 Large Sized Battleship In Stock ¥180
BAN33403 Bandai No.03 TDF Main Battle Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN33404 Bandai No.05 Desler Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN33405 Bandai No.06 Super Big Battle Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN33406 Bandai No.14 Large Battle Ship Aug. Restock ¥180
BAN33407 Bandai No.22 TDF Cruiser In Stock ¥180
BAN33408 Bandai No.21 Cosmo Zero 52 In Stock ¥180
BAN33409 Bandai No.16 Desler Battle Carrier In Stock ¥180
BAN33410 Bandai No.24 Cosmo Hound Aug. Restock ¥180
BAN33411 Bandai No.04 Andromeda In Stock ¥180
BAN33412 Bandai No.26 Garmillas Battle Carrier In Stock ¥180
BAN33413 Bandai No.23 New Desler Ship Aug. Restock ¥180
BAN33414 Bandai No.18 Three Steps Carriers In Stock ¥180
BAN33415 Bandai No.02 Cosmo Tiger II In Stock ¥180
BAN61253 Bandai No.07 Baruze Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61254 Bandai No.08 Nasuka Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61255 Bandai No.09 Desler Destroyer In Stock ¥180
BAN61256 Bandai No.10 Gorand Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61257 Bandai No.11 Escort Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61258 Bandai No.12 TDF Destoryer In Stock ¥180
BAN61259 Bandai No.15 Garmillas Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61260 Bandai No.17 Pleiades In Stock ¥180
BAN61261 Bandai No.19 Okita Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61262 Bandai No.20 Kodai Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61263 Bandai No.27 Garmillas Two Three Steps Carriers In Stock ¥180
BAN61264 Bandai No.28 Rajendr Ship In Stock ¥180
BAN61265 Bandai No.29 Desler Gunboat Aug. Restock ¥180
BAN976260 Bandai S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Module Set #04 In Stock ¥180
BAN960414 Bandai Pellermodel Kids Light Blue In Stock ¥190
BAN985583 Bandai Disk Wars: Bachi Soul Bat Vol.03 Aug. Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

BAN953146 Bandai Dark Keroro In Stock ¥203
BAN934063 Bandai Ball Bearing In Stock ¥210
BAN950999 Bandai SHS06 Go-on Gold In Stock ¥224
BAN969399 Bandai Tamamori Seal Refill Tamatomo-Gohan Set In Stock ¥229
BAN974029 Bandai Tamatomo Seal Refill Love Handmade Set In Stock ¥229
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