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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
MDC81884 Medicos Statue Magnet Jotaro Kujo In Stock ¥2,520
MDC81883 Medicos Statue Magnet Star Platinum In Stock ¥2,520
MDC63094 Medicos Statue Legend 54: Oingo & Boingo In Stock ¥11,520
MDC81893 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Super Saiyan Son Gokou (Goku) Ver. 2 Clear Hair In Stock ¥10,000
MDC81762 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Super Saiyan Son Gokou (Goku) Discontinued ¥7,543
MDC81753 Medicos Super Figure Ltd Black Swan Discontinued ¥750
MDC81752 Medicos Super Figure Ltd Black Pegasus Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81754 Medicos Super Figure Ltd Black Dragon Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81749 Medicos Super Figure Sagittarius Aioros Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81748 Medicos Super Figure Cygnus Hyoga Discontinued ¥750
MDC81751 Medicos Sagittarius Seiya/Aioros PVC Discontinued ¥7,020
MDC81808 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Super Saiyan Son Gokou (Goku) Ver. 2 Clear Hair Discontinued ¥7,543
MDC81737 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Jotaro Kujo Discontinued ¥5,220
MDC81744 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Jotaro Kujo Black Version Discontinued ¥5,220
MDC81733 Medicos Jonathan Joestar Ltd. Color Discontinued ¥8,820
MDC81732 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Jonathan Joestar Discontinued ¥8,820
MDC81743 Medicos Super Figure Leo Aiolia Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81742 Medicos Super Figure Dragon Shiryu Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81738 Medicos Super Figure Pegasus Seiya Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81739 Medicos Super Figure Aries Muu Discontinued ¥1,350
MDC81776 Medicos Jotaro Kujo PVC Discontinued ¥5,220
MDC81701 Medicos Tiger Mask Bust Model 1 Box (12pcs) Discontinued ¥2,880
MDC63049 Medicos Statue Legend Crazy Diamond Discontinued ¥5,220
MDC81702 Medicos Ashita no Joe Bust Model Discontinued ¥240
MDC81703 Medicos Muscle Man Diorama 1 Box (12pcs) Discontinued ¥2,880
MDC63073 Medicos JoJo Statue Legend Death Thirteen & Mannish Boy Discontinued ¥13,950
MDC81882 Medicos Chozou Art Collection: Super Saiyan Son Gokou (Goku) Discontinued ¥9,000
MDC63067 Medicos JoJo Statue Legend Shadow Dio Discontinued ¥4,320
MDC81846 Medicos 1/1 Stone Mask Discontinued ¥16,200
MDC81866 Medicos Hana with Ame & Yuki PVC Discontinued ¥11,520
MDC81903 Medicos Super Action Jotaro Kujo White Ver. (Season 4) Apr. 2016 Release

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MDC81868 Medicos Gold Experience Requiem (2nd Color) In Stock ¥4,950
MDC81857 Medicos Super Action Moody Blues Second Color In Stock ¥4,050
MDC81859 Medicos Super Action Guido Mista & Sex Pistols In Stock ¥4,050
MDC81855 Medicos Super Action Magician's Red In Stock ¥3,780
MDC81890 Medicos Super Action Ermes Costello In Stock ¥4,500
MDC81889 Medicos Super Action Season 5 K.Crimson Ver. Blue In Stock ¥4,950
MDC81863 Medicos Bruno Buccellati 2nd Color In Stock ¥3,780
MDC81861 Medicos Super Action Season 5 Narancia Ghirga & Aerosmith In Stock ¥4,050
MDC81874 Medicos Super Action Noriaki Kakyoin 2nd Color In Stock ¥3,780
MDC81877 Medicos Kujo Jotaro Black Ver. In Stock ¥6,120
MDC81897 Medicos Super Action Sticky Fingers (Reproduction) In Stock ¥4,200
MDC81898 Medicos Super Action Ajin: IBM Kei Nagai Ver.:IBM Sato Ver. In Stock ¥6,800
MDC81865 Medicos Super Action The Hand Second Color In Stock ¥3,780
MDC81844 Medicos Super Action Silver Chariot Second In Stock ¥3,420
MDC81853 Medicos Super Action Statue J.P.Polnareff Low Stock ¥3,780
MDC81867 Medicos Diavolo (Araki Color) In Stock ¥4,950
MDC81895 Medicos Super Action Statue Shinichi Izumi & Migi In Stock ¥5,400
MDC81896 Medicos Super Action Joseph Joestar (Season 2) (Reproduction) In Stock ¥4,320
MDC81888 Medicos Diver Down In Stock ¥4,500
MDC81847 Medicos Jojolion Josuke Higasshikata In Stock ¥4,050
MDC81887 Medicos Super Action Kiss In Stock ¥4,500
MDC81894 Medicos Super Action Weather Report In Stock ¥4,950
MDC81871 Medicos Super Action Figure Jotaro Kujo 3rd Color In Stock ¥4,320
MDC81806 Medicos Leone Abbacchio In Stock ¥4,050
MDC81892 Medicos Super Action Dio Brando In Stock ¥4,950
MDC81826 Medicos Super Action Statue Silver Chariot Season 5 In Stock ¥3,420
MDC81864 Medicos Super Action Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli 2nd Color In Stock ¥4,320
MDC81851 Medicos Super Action Noriaki Kakyoin Low Stock ¥3,780
MDC81900 Medicos Super Action Enrico Pucci In Stock ¥6,000
MDC81885 Medicos Super Action Narciso Anasui In Stock ¥4,500
MDC81881 Medicos Gold Experience (2nd Color) In Stock ¥3,780
MDC81856 Medicos Super Action Dio In Stock ¥3,780
MDC81858 Medicos Super Action The World 2nd Color Low Stock ¥3,780
MDC81901 Medicos Super Action Shu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul) Order Stop ¥6,120
MDC81902 Medicos Super Action JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Star Platinum Order Stop ¥4,050
MDC81899 Medicos Super Action Crazy Diamond Order Stop ¥3,780
MDC81766 Medicos Super Action Statue Muhammad Avdol Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81765 Medicos Super Action Statue Magician's Red Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81757 Medicos Super Action Statue Star Platinum Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81758 Medicos Super Action Statue Jotaro Kujo Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81764 Medicos Super Action Statue Noriaki Kakyoin Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81763 Medicos Super Action Statue Hierophant Green Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81759 Medicos Super Action Statue Silver Chariot Discontinued ¥3,150
MDC81761 Medicos Super Action Statue J.P. Polnareff Discontinued ¥3,150
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