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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
TKT48210 Takara Tomy GT-03 GT-R Megatron In Stock ¥8,000
TKT48209 Takara Tomy GT-04 GT-R Maximus In Stock ¥8,000
TKT48208 Takara Tomy GT-02 GT-R Saber In Stock ¥8,000
TKT48207 Takara Tomy GT-01 GT-R Prime Low Stock ¥8,000
TKT81292 Takara Tomy LG07 Jetfire Dec. 2014 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TKT80318 Takara Tomy MP-21 Bumble Order Stop ¥5,100
TKT80076 Takara Tomy G-23 Guren Drago Tron In Stock ¥6,400
TKT80576 Takara Tomy LA01 Battle Command Optimus Prime Low Stock ¥5,184
TKT80783 Takara Tomy Optimus Prime Premiere Edition In Stock ¥6,750
TKT81286 Takara Tomy LG02 Convoy Order Stop ¥5,200
TKT80319 Takara Tomy MP-20 Wheeljack Order Stop ¥5,200
TKT33994 Takara Tomy RA-01 Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥5,440
TKT80980 Takara Tomy AD-13 Devastator In Stock ¥5,525
MEG81406 Mega House Variable Action Wyburst Low Stock ¥6,120
MEG81682 Mega House Variable Action Hydram In Stock ¥7,920
BAN984539 Bandai Happiness Change! PreChan Mirror Cure Honey Plus In Stock ¥5,504
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