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BAN984444 GX-66 Trider G7 from Bandai Our Price: ¥23,750 (List Price: ¥25,000, You Save 5%) June Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?


ACA82042 1/60 Macross Plus Transformable YF-19 with Fast Pack from Arcadia Our Price: ¥29,520 (List Price: ¥32,800, You Save 10%) In Stock
YMTGK-08 1/60 YF-19 Transformable Weathering Version from Yamato Price: ¥23,800 Discontinued


CMS65198 Brave Gohkin EX AFC-01Z Zeta Legioss & Tread from CM's Corporation Our Price: ¥23,800 (List Price: ¥28,000, You Save 15%) Discontinued

One Piece

BAN982314 GX-63 General Franky from Bandai Price: ¥25,000 In Stock
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