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AZNPID009LPV Azone 1/12 Lil' Fairy Vell May 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

AZNPID008LPE Azone 1/12 Lil'Fairy Elno (Picco Neemo D) Discontinued ¥8,300
MEZ51623 Mezco Toys Living Dead Dolls/ The Conjuring Doll: Annabelle Valiant Discontinued ¥5,100
AZNPID007LPL Azone 1/12 Lil Fairy Lipu (Picco Neemo D) Discontinued ¥8,300
OBT05174 Obitsu 11cm Chibi Kaguya Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
AZNALC008AMY Azone 1/12 Assault Lily: Yui Matsunaga Discontinued ¥8,400
TKT81239 Takara Tomy Blythe Twinkle Princess Discontinued ¥9,800
AZNPID009LFV-2 Azone Lil' Fairy Vell (Picco Neemo D) 2nd Lot Discontinued ¥8,300
TKT49643 Takara Tomy Middie Blyth Alicia Cupcake Discontinued ¥9,310
AZNPID008LFE-2 Azone 1/12 Lil' Fairy Elno (Picco Neemo D) 2nd Lot Discontinued ¥8,300
TKT49649 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Oski tebyA lyublyU Discontinued ¥9,800
AZNPID005PEM Azone Blue Bird's Song Miu (Picco Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
AZNPID006PEH Azone Welcome to EX Cute Himeno (Picco Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
AZNALC005ASK Azone 1/12 Assult Lily: Shion Katakura Discontinued ¥8,400
AZNALC006AFD Azone 1/12 Assult Lily: Furiru Date Discontinued ¥8,400
TKT49573 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Yellow Marshmallow Discontinued ¥9,310
AZNPCC004TGM Azone 1/12 Tsugumi Shirasaki (Picco Neemo M) Discontinued ¥7,000
AZNPCC003RFZ Azone 1/1 Reinforce II (Picco Neemo S) Discontinued ¥9,500
AZNPID009LFV Azone Lil' Fairy Vell (Picco Neemo D) Discontinued ¥8,300
TKT49107 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Lydia Green Discontinued ¥9,310
MEZ35818 Mezco Toys Living Dead Dolls/ Child's Play Chucky & Tiffany Discontinued ¥6,248
AZNALC003ASR Azone 1/12 Assault Lily: Shiori Rokkaku Discontinued ¥8,400
AZNALC004AKN Azone 1/12 Assault Lily: Kaede Johan Nouvel Discontinued ¥8,400
AZNPID008LFE Azone 1/12 Lil' Fairy Elno (Picco Neemo D) Discontinued ¥8,300
AZNPID007LFL Azone 1/12 Lil' Fairy Rip (Picco Neemo D) Discontinued ¥8,300
TKT48688 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Puchippu Chappu Pepa Discontinued ¥9,800
OBT05163 Obitsu 11cm Chibi-Zukin In Stock ¥7,650
AZNPID003PEC Azone Romantic Girly Chiika (Pico Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
AZNPID004PEL Azone Angelic Sigh Lian (Pico Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
TKT48740 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Fairy Bravo Discontinued ¥9,800
AZNALC001AYY Azone 1/12 Assault Lily: Yuyu Shirai (Pico Neemo M) Discontinued ¥8,400
AZNALC002ARR Azone 1/12 Assault Lily: Lily Hitotsuyanagi (Pico Neemo M) Discontinued ¥8,400
MEZ35538 Mezco Toys Mezco x Mamegyorai Living Dead Dolls/ Sadako 3D: Sadako Discontinued ¥4,972
TKT48318 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Lena Elena Discontinued ¥9,310
AZNPID001PKV Azone Snotty Cat Koron Ver.1.1 (Pico Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
AZNPID002PKV Azone Wicked Style Aika Ver.1.1 (Pico Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
TKT46657 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Nerini Brus Discontinued ¥8,820
ZCG54098 ZC Girl 1/6 Menz Hommes Vol.011 Discontinued ¥8,100
ZCG54100 ZC Girl 1/6 ZCWO Articulate Body AB-02 Discontinued ¥9,500
DRA70425 Dragon 1/6 Wehrmacht 6th Panzer Division Panzer Crewman w/MG34 "Johann Meiling" Eastern Front 1942 Discontinued ¥6,000
DRA70464 Dragon Albert Weinholt: FJ Feldgendarme 2.Fallschirmjager-Division France 1944 Discontinued ¥6,000
DRACH70769 Dragon 1/6 Lieutenant Colonel David SAS Commander North Africa 1943 Discontinued ¥7,650
DRA70856 Dragon 1/6 Dieter Muller (Sniper) Wehrmacht-Heer Infanterie Figure Discontinued ¥7,500
GRVO-812 Groove OutFit Selection Creator's Label OutFit Kani Honey Set Discontinued ¥5,600
TKT43572 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Jackie Ramone Discontinued ¥9,310
DRA70816 Dragon 1/6 German Totenkopf Heavy Machine Gunner Ernst Kunkel Discontinued ¥6,000
CYVCH70844 Cyber Hobby 1/6 Marine Robert Hughman Royal Marine Commando 45 Commando Falklands War 1982 Discontinued ¥7,200
CYVCH70779 Cyber Hobby 1/6 Britain SAS Machine Gunner Bill Kennedy Discontinued ¥6,800
DRA70357 Dragon 1/6 Eugene Brecht Mediterranean FJ Sniper III Fallschi Discontinued ¥6,240
DRA70479 Dragon 1/6 272th Infantry Division Grenadier Hugo Hartwig w/Panzerschreck RPzB 54 Caen 1944 Discontinued ¥6,000
DRA70736 Dragon 1/6 Dieter Radler 34.Infantry Div. Siegfried Line 1939 Discontinued ¥6,560
DRA70781 Dragon 1/6 Yuri Pavlovich Popov (Private) - Soviet Winter Discontinued ¥6,000
DRA70785 Dragon 1/6 Panzergrenadier Helmut Jenninger Discontinued ¥6,800
ZCG25400 ZC Girl 1/6 ZC Girl Janny Office Lady Discontinued ¥6,840
DRA70836 Dragon 1/6 Grenadier "Diego Lopez-Navarro", WH Spanish Volunteer LMG Gunner 250.Infanterie-Division "Blue" Leningrad 1942-43 Discontinued ¥6,000
DRA70854 Dragon 1/6 "Josef Paulus" Gebirgsjager Officer Gebirgs-Regt 85 5.Gebirgs-Division Gustav Line Italy 1944 Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
AZNPID001-PEK Azone Snotty Cat Koron (Pico Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
AZNPID002-PEA Azone Wicked Style Aika (Pico Neemo S) Discontinued ¥6,800
TKT42666 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Person Grace Discontinued ¥8,820
TKT43449 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Francoise Ananassa Discontinued ¥8,820
DRA70844 Dragon 1/6 Royal Marine Commando 45 Commando Falklands War 1982 Robert Hughman Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
DRAR70845 Dragon 1/6 Gurkha Infantry 1st Battalion 7th Duke of Edimburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles Falklands War 1982 Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TKT40448 Takara Tomy Middie Blythe Melo Melo Myu Discontinued ¥7,840
CYVCH70830 Cyber Hobby 1/6 Hauptsturmfuhrer Paul Senghas Commander 1./PzRgt-5, Wiking Division Hungary 1945 Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CYVCH70710 Cyber Hobby 1/6 WSS Panzer Commander Josef Diefethal LAH Ardennes 1944 Discontinued ¥7,840
DRA70804 Dragon 1/6 BEF Lewis Gunner Robert Davies Dunkirk 1940 Discontinued ¥6,400
DRA70821 Dragon 1/6 Horst Wessel Division Panzergrenadier "Viktor Szabo" Hungary 1944 Discontinued ¥6,000
DRA70476 Dragon 1/6 Gebirgsjager MG34 Gunner w/Sledge Jurgen Kleinheinz Southern Russia 1942-43 Discontinued ¥7,840
DRA73166 Dragon 1/6 US Ranger 2nd Ranger Battalion France 1944 Private First Class Cappy Discontinued ¥7,200
DRA73155 Dragon 1/6 US Army Sniper Danny 2nd Ranger Battalion France 1944 Discontinued ¥7,200
DRA70205 Dragon 1/6 JFB 500 Fallschirmjager Mortman Rolf Falkner Operation Roselsprung Yugoslavia 1944 Discontinued ¥6,000
DRA73152 Dragon 1/6 US Paratrooper w/Bazooka 101st Airborne Division Jim France 1944 Discontinued ¥7,200
DRA73154 Dragon 1/6 US Ranger BAR Gunner 2nd Ranger Battalion Richie France 1944 Discontinued ¥7,200
DRA70810 Dragon 1/6 Sovit Infantry w/Mine Detecor Vladimir Petrovich Kozlov Eastern Front 1943 Discontinued ¥6,240
CUT61007 Cuties 1/6 Yukako/ Sailor School Uniform Winter Black Discontinued ¥8,820
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