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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
GNZGX1315 GSI Creos 1/1 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Kit In Stock ¥135
TND93140 Tanida Hoshino Ruri Sticker #1 In Stock ¥744
TND93144 Tanida Hoshino Ruri Sticker #4 In Stock ¥594
TND93142 Tanida Nadesico Mark Sticker In Stock ¥594
YLS20015 Hobby Base 1/6 MP41 Machine Pistol Set In Stock ¥255
KEY60098 Keyence 300 Nickel Hydride BATCHG for RC In Stock ¥325
KEY60010 Keyence AC Quick Charger 7.2V 500mAh In Stock ¥200
TND93161 Tanida Seno Asuka Sticker In Stock ¥540
TND93162 Tanida Shihoudou Yuki Sticker In Stock ¥540
TND93163 Tanida Morimura Nana Sticker In Stock ¥540
TND93164 Tanida Tokiwa Izumi Sticker In Stock ¥540
MDW075 Media Works Leaf Fight TCG Ver. 3.00 Guide Book 2002 In Stock ¥120
MCLDC-169 Museum Collection 1/43 BAR 005 2004 Test In Stock ¥196
CLP1207 Clipper Models 1/700 USN Mk9 20cm 55 Cal. Gun Barrel 10pcs In Stock ¥480
WPPFG076 World Photo Press Figure Oh #076 In Stock ¥94
OAK78769 Oakla Mad House Low Stock ¥700
MCLDC-202 Museum Collection 1/43 BAR005 2004 Show Car Decal In Stock ¥196
MCLDC-216 Museum Collection 1/43 Ferrari F2004 Sponsorship Decal Low Stock ¥196
CAM32-090 CAM Decals 1/32 JASDF F-4EJ 301st TFS 20th Anniversary In Stock ¥960
CAM32-132 CAM Decals 1/32 JASDF F-4EJ Phantoms Part. 2 In Stock ¥560
KNGKDCM0016 King Record Ai no Senkou / Musumetto In Stock ¥260
KNGKDCM0017 King Record Irodori Trichromatic / Otometto In Stock ¥260
BAN931883 Bandai Aero Wide Wheel & Slit Wide Tire In Stock ¥84
BAN931886 Bandai Setting Roller In Stock ¥40
WPPFG084 World Photo Press Figure Oh #084 In Stock ¥94
BAN931884 Bandai Slide Front Roller Set In Stock ¥75
BAN931887 Bandai Adjust Rear Roller Set In Stock ¥90
BAN932137 Bandai Light Weight Racing Tire In Stock ¥84
CAM32-003 CAM Decals 1/32 F-4N Phantom VF-161 Chargers In Stock ¥560
CAM32-008 CAM Decals 1/32 F-4J Phantom VF-103 Sluggers In Stock ¥560
CAM32-016 CAM Decals 1/32 F-4N Phantom VMFA-531 Gray Ghosts In Stock ¥560
CAM32-025 CAM Decals 1/32 F-4C Phantom II 54th TFTW 1976 In Stock ¥560
CAM32-030 CAM Decals 1/32 F-4J Phantom VMFA-334 Falcons In Stock ¥560
CAM32-033 CAM Decals 1/32 F-4J Phantom VMFA-333 Shamrocks Low Stock ¥560
CAM32-072 CAM Decals 1/32 F-14A Tomcat VF-33 Tarsiers In Stock ¥560
CAM32-074 CAM Decals 1/32 F-14A Tomcat VF-213 In Stock ¥560
CAM32-088 CAM Decals 1/32 A-4E VA-192 Golden Dragons In Stock ¥560
CAM32-105 CAM Decals 1/32 F/A-18C Hornet VFA-115 Eagles In Stock ¥400
CAM32-122 CAM Decals 1/32 F/A-18C VFA-105 Gunslinger 1994 In Stock ¥560
CAM32-159 CAM Decals 1/32 F/A-18C Hornet VFA-34 Blue Blasters In Stock ¥560
CAM48-037 CAM Decals 1/48 F-4J VMFA-115 Silver Eagles Low Stock ¥484
CAMR32-019 CAM Decals 1/32 Mk.82 (USAF) 500lb Bombs 6 pcs. In Stock ¥810
BRC17479 Broccoli Hello World Sports Towel In Stock ¥625
HBDST24011V1 Hobbydecal 1/24 A6M Stencils ver 1.1 Low Stock ¥477
HBDTC32024V1 Hobbydecal 1/32 JASDF F-86 Tail Codes ver 1.0 In Stock ¥477
BAN932166 Bandai Aero Double Roller Set In Stock ¥140
BAN932167 Bandai Side Assist Roller Set In Stock ¥80
BAN934077 Bandai Metal Bearing Set In Stock ¥88
BAN934040 Bandai Lock Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥120
TAK23414 Takara Fashion Jenny Coordinate Bag T15 In Stock ¥150
BAN934083 Bandai Aerowing Set In Stock ¥50
BAN934086 Bandai Big Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥56
LORLE700013 LionRoar 1/700 WWII Germany Navy VI 20mm AA Gun Flak 35 In Stock ¥630
BAN934041 Bandai Rear Wide Adapter & Roller Set In Stock ¥45
BAN934087 Bandai Rear Stabilizer Set In Stock ¥40
BAN938418 Bandai Top Roller & Front Under Roller Set In Stock ¥120
BAN938424 Bandai FRP Tempered Stay In Stock ¥150
MCLDC-298 Museum Collection 1/43 Minichamps BAR 2005 Show Car Sponsorship In Stock ¥196
TAK64999 Takara Micro Sister MS01 El In Stock ¥325
SMCL108 Music Ray'n Kimi to Iu Na no Hikari In Stock ¥233
PITPT-20 Pit-Road 1/144 Russian Mir #1 In Stock ¥285
MCLDC-312 Museum Collection 1/43 BAR 2005 Show Car China Grand Prix In Stock ¥196
HBDST32027V1 Hobbydecal 1/32 ROKAF KF-16 Stencils Ver 1 w/Tail Code In Stock ¥660
LACM4236 Lantis Kaze - Start Line/ CooRie In Stock ¥229
TRPMCT009 Trumpeter 1/144 F-86F-40 Sabre JASDF 2pcs Set In Stock ¥250
BAN939671 Bandai Positioning Rear Roller Set In Stock ¥90
TRP06229 Trumpeter 1/350 Su-25 UTG Frog Foot (6pcs) Low Stock ¥117
SMCL109 Music Ray'n Kaze no Runner/ SunSet Swish In Stock ¥190
GZCA4063 GIZA Studio Sakurairo/ Takei Shiori In Stock ¥240
LACM4246 Lantis Futaribotchi / Mai Nakahara In Stock ¥171
BAN941036 Bandai Landing Under Guard In Stock ¥90
NKP05139 Neko Publishing Showa Anthology w/CD Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TRS35018 Tristar 1/35 German GD Div. The Last Consultation In Stock ¥450
FRWFCCM0120 Frontier Works Devotion/ BRACE; d In Stock ¥240
GONVGCD1003 Geneon Entertainment Drawing Again/ Murata Ayumi In Stock ¥240
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