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    TKT42728 Takara Tomy M-118 Monster Collection Prinplup Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42729 Takara Tomy M-119 Monster Collection Empoleon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42730 Takara Tomy M-120 Monster Collection Dialga Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42731 Takara Tomy M-121 Monster Collection Palkia Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42732 Takara Tomy M-122 Monster Collection Darkrai Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42733 Takara Tomy M-123 Monster Collection Giratina Another Form Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42734 Takara Tomy M-124 Monster Collection Garchomp Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42735 Takara Tomy M-125 Monster Collection Regigigas In Stock ¥264
    TKT42736 Takara Tomy M-126 Monster Collection Shaymin Land Form Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42737 Takara Tomy M-127 Monster Collection Arceus Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42738 Takara Tomy M-128 Monster Collection Lucario Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42739 Takara Tomy M-129 Monster Collection Manaphy Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42740 Takara Tomy M-130 Monster Collection Heatran Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42741 Takara Tomy M-131 Monster Collection Cresselia Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42742 Takara Tomy M-132 Monster Collection Zoroark In Stock ¥264
    TKT42743 Takara Tomy M-133 Monster Collection Zorua Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42744 Takara Tomy M-134 Monster Collection Espeon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42745 Takara Tomy M-135 Monster Collection Umbreon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42746 Takara Tomy M-136 Monster Collection Jolteon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42747 Takara Tomy M-137 Monster Collection Flareon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42748 Takara Tomy M-138 Monster Collection Vaporeon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42749 Takara Tomy M-139 Monster Collection Leafeon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42750 Takara Tomy M-140 Monster Collection Glaceon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42751 Takara Tomy M-141 Monster Collection Pachirisu Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42752 Takara Tomy M-143 Monster Collection Electivire Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42753 Takara Tomy M-144 Monster Collection Rotom Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42754 Takara Tomy M-145 Monster Collection Staraptor Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42755 Takara Tomy M-146 Monster Collection Gliscor Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42756 Takara Tomy M-147 Monster Collection Rhyperior Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42757 Takara Tomy M-148 Monster Collection Togekiss Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42758 Takara Tomy M-149 Monster Collection Luxray Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42759 Takara Tomy M-150 Monster Collection Spiritomb Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42856 Takara Tomy M-142 Monster Collection Magmortar Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42900 Takara Tomy N-21 Pokemon Best Wishes! Stuffed Choroneko Discontinued ¥960
    TKT42901 Takara Tomy N-22 Pokemon Best Wishes! Stuffed Tabunne Discontinued ¥960
    TKT42902 Takara Tomy M-031 Monster Collection Archeops Low Stock ¥264
    TKT42903 Takara Tomy M-032 Monster Collection Carracosta In Stock ¥264
    TKT42904 Takara Tomy M-033 Monster Collection Escavalier In Stock ¥264
    TKT42905 Takara Tomy M-034 Monster Collection Accelgor In Stock ¥264
    TKT42906 Takara Tomy M-035 Monster Collection Golurk Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42907 Takara Tomy M-036 Monster Collection Hydreigon Discontinued ¥264
    TKT42909 Takara Tomy M-038 Monster Collection Volcarona Limited with Battorio Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43405 Takara Tomy M-039 Monster Collection Beartic Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43406 Takara Tomy M-040 Monster Collection Reuniclus Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43410 Takara Tomy Pokemon Best Wishes! Stuffed Reshiram Discontinued ¥4,640
    TKT43720 Takara Tomy Pokemon Soft Vinyl Figure: Cobalion Discontinued ¥800
    TKT43730 Takara Tomy M-145 Monster Collection Nageki In Stock ¥264
    TKT43731 Takara Tomy M-041 Monster Collection Gothitelle Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43732 Takara Tomy M-042 Monster Collection Braviary Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43733 Takara Tomy M-043 Monster Collection Tornadus Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43734 Takara Tomy M-044 Monster Collection Thundurus Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43735 Takara Tomy M-045 Monster Collection Landorus Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43738 Takara Tomy Pokemon Best Wishes! Stuffed Sewaddle Discontinued ¥1,200
    TKT43739 Takara Tomy Pokemon Best Wishes! Stuffed Lillipup (Yorteri) Discontinued ¥960
    TKT43740 Takara Tomy N27BW Stuffed Archen Discontinued ¥960
    TKT43741 Takara Tomy N28BW Stuffed Ducklett Discontinued ¥960
    TKT43802 Takara Tomy M-046 Monster Collection Stunfisk Out of Stock
    Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    TKT43803 Takara Tomy M-047 Monster Collection Cubchoo Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43804 Takara Tomy M-048 Moncolle Cobalion Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43825 Takara Tomy M-148 Monster Collection Dageki In Stock ¥264
    TKT43826 Takara Tomy M-049 Moncolle Terrakion Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43827 Takara Tomy M-050 Moncolle Virizion Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43828 Takara Tomy Pokemon Talk Together with Emonga Discontinued ¥3,980
    TKT43849 Takara Tomy M-037 Monster Collection Kyurem Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43850 Takara Tomy M-038 Monster Collection Volcarona Discontinued ¥264
    TKT43861 Takara Tomy BW Big Stuffed Terrakion Discontinued ¥3,840
    TKT43862 Takara Tomy BW Big Stuffed Virizion Discontinued ¥3,840
    TKT43864 Takara Tomy Pokemon Talk Together with Chiramii Out of Stock
    Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    TKT43991 Takara Tomy Pokemon Soft Vinyl Figure: Virizion Discontinued ¥800
    TKT44040 Takara Tomy N29BW Stuffed Rufflet Discontinued ¥960
    TKT44182 Takara Tomy Turn Around Stuffed Oshawott Discontinued ¥3,184
    TKT44183 Takara Tomy Turn Around Stuffed Snivy Discontinued ¥3,184
    TKT44184 Takara Tomy Rhythmic Kumashun (Cubchoo) Discontinued ¥1,600
    TKT44940 Takara Tomy Rhythmic Pikachu Discontinued ¥2,000
    TKT44941 Takara Tomy Rhythmic Tsutaja Discontinued ¥1,600