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HBJ60877 Hobby Japan Air Gun Encyclopedia Sept. 2014 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

ARFX2065 Airfix Airfix Catalog 2013 In Stock ¥1,000
AKT22401 Akita Shoten Magical Girl Site #1 In Stock ¥429
BUN19163 Bunrindo Air Show Guide 2008 In Stock ¥943
BUN19216 Bunrindo Air Show Guide 2013 In Stock ¥943
MENCAT-2013 Meng MENG Catalog 2013 In Stock ¥405
MDW67511 Media Works The First Japanese Plastic Model In Stock ¥743
MDW70801 Media Works Moushou Mousou Roku #01 In Stock ¥780
MDW86060 Media Works Matsuri Complex! In Stock ¥570
MDW86146 Media Works Meguru 88 #1 In Stock ¥570
MOT79037 Motor Magazine Ltd. Toyota Mark X ZiO In Stock ¥714
RAPCD001 Raupen Model JGSDF Type 74 & Type 10 MBT Photo Album Vol.1 In Stock ¥1,000
NKP00559 Neko Publishing Tokoro George's Setagaya Base #05 In Stock ¥743
PAD74167 Padico Book Leaf Jewel Labyrinth In Stock ¥200
NKP00707 Neko Publishing Toys McCoy Perfect Book #2 In Stock ¥933
OKS00082 Oaks 1/160 Zombie Anthology Kore wa Tsun Desu ka? Dere Desu ka? In Stock ¥952
NGN91040 Nigen Sha Mercedes-Benz Magazine In Stock ¥952
NKPQT0908EX Neko Publishing Auto Enthusiast Q & A 1000 In Stock ¥933
OTH02255 Other Co. E5 & E6 Series Shinkansens Hayabusa & Super Komachi (DVD) In Stock ¥857
PAD12050 Padico Book Sweets & Zakka Marche In Stock ¥880
SYU79652 Shueisha Tokyo Ghoul #09 In Stock ¥514
TTM80483 Tatsumi Publishing PSP Ultimate In Stock ¥933
WNB03767 Wani Books Ashiaraiyashiki no Junin-tachi #11 In Stock ¥1,000
ZVE2013 Zvezda Zvezda Catalog 2013 In Stock ¥480
HBJ60260 Hobby Japan Japan Earthquake 2011 Record of JSDF & US Army In Stock ¥657
HBJ60832 Hobby Japan Survival Gamers 2014 Summer In Stock ¥980
KJS52773 Kojinsha Youth of the Defense Academy Student In Stock ¥829
KJS82178 Kojinsha Introduction to Battleships In Stock ¥743
KJS82217 Kojinsha Introduction to Destroyers In Stock ¥867
KJS82199 Kojinsha Introduction to Submarines In Stock ¥743
KJS82174 Kojinsha Introduction to Aircraft Carrier In Stock ¥667
KJS82152 Kojinsha Okinawa, The Final Battle In Stock ¥1,000
KJS82484 Kojinsha Description of I-go Submarine Visit to Europe In Stock ¥819
KJS82485 Kojinsha Headquarters of the Imperial Jap Army News Service In Stock ¥667
KJS82775 Kojinsha Marine Corsair Air Battle Description In Stock ¥733
KJS82542 Kojinsha The Last Flying Ace In Stock ¥960
KJS82671 Kojinsha Zero Fighter The Last Testimony In Stock ¥895
KJS82656 Kojinsha Waffen-SS In Stock ¥981
KJS82293 Kojinsha German Great & Trash Weapons In Stock ¥686
KJS82779 Kojinsha The Real Face of the War In Stock ¥743
KJS82778 Kojinsha Last Decisive Battle Okinawa In Stock ¥829
KJS82780 Kojinsha The Silver Wings which do not Return In Stock ¥857
KJS82785 Kojinsha Beginner's Guide to Special Cruisers & Gunboats In Stock ¥733
KJS82777 Kojinsha Space Rocket Guide In Stock ¥800
KJS82805 Kojinsha Army Personnel Affairs In Stock ¥819
KJS82824 Kojinsha Escape! Korean Peninsula Wandering In Stock ¥740
KJS82831 Kojinsha Introduction to WWII French Military Aircraft In Stock ¥750
KJS82817 Kojinsha Manchurian Border Book of Travel In Stock ¥790
KJS82826 Kojinsha Pacific War Japanese Navy Airplane In Stock ¥870
KJS82825 Kojinsha Decisive Battle of El Alamein In Stock ¥860
KJS82822 Kojinsha Germany Destroyer Guide In Stock ¥880
KJS82829 Kojinsha Submarine I-go Story In Stock ¥820
KJS82827 Kojinsha Battle of Imphal War Note In Stock ¥650
KJS82830 Kojinsha Cannon Ships In Stock ¥850
KJS82812 Kojinsha Description of Tradition Zero Fighter Air Battle 2 In Stock ¥857
KJS82816 Kojinsha Description of Tradition Zero Fighter Air Battle 3 In Stock ¥857
KJS82813 Kojinsha Western Blitz Tank Battle I In Stock ¥857
KJS82810 Kojinsha The Second Russo-Japanese War In Stock ¥819
KJS82806 Kojinsha The Last Flying Boat In Stock ¥848
KJS85005 Kojinsha 3DG IJN Warbirds Post Card In Stock ¥952
KJS82833 Kojinsha Why Were These Cities Bombed? In Stock ¥790
KJS82837 Kojinsha Tank Battle III Stalingrad The Offensive & Defensive Battle In Stock ¥880
KJS82834 Kojinsha Aviation Battleship Ise/Hyuga In Stock ¥740
KJS82832 Kojinsha Chinese War Report In Stock ¥660
KKB20528 KK Bestsellers Talk! Bruce Lee In Stock ¥933
KKB20524 KK Bestsellers Talk! Zombie In Stock ¥933
KNS018 Kunimoto Sensyajyuku Preliminary Report No.2 Pz.Kw.l. Model A In Stock ¥600
KNS021 Kunimoto Sensyajyuku Japanese Heavy Bomber Fugaku Experimental Report 2 In Stock ¥600
KNS012 Kunimoto Sensyajyuku Naval 20mm Machine Gun In Stock ¥1,000
KNS014 Kunimoto Sensyajyuku Type 26 Revolver In Stock ¥1,000
KNS009 Kunimoto Sensyajyuku Nambu Pistol In Stock ¥1,000
KDK10075 Kadokawa This station Lunch is Delicious In Stock ¥857
KDK20651 Kadokawa Comics Hitsugime no Chaikakka In Stock ¥560
KNS004 Kunimoto Sensyajyuku IJA 15cm Anti Aircraft Gun in Kugayama In Stock ¥1,000
KOH40512 Kaiosha Gush Peche 28 In Stock ¥933
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