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    ZIG26018 ZIGZ TOY Nanako (Hideo Azuma World) Discontinued ¥9,000
    ZCG54092 ZC Girl Astro Boy Christmas Edition Discontinued ¥10,800
    ZCG54090 ZC Girl 1/6 ZC World A Better Tomorrow: Mark Discontinued ¥22,000
    YUYGK-01 Yuuyu Train Girl Fastech 360S Discontinued ¥3,000
    YUJ95954 Yujin 1/11 Ares (Mars) Louvre Statue Replica Discontinued ¥960
    YUJ93548 Yujin Uyama Ayumi Antique Doll 1 Box (8pcs) Discontinued ¥2,400
    YUJ93419 Yujin SR Crimson Tears 1 Box (10pcs) Discontinued ¥2,000
    YUJ93385 Yujin Monchhichi Norimono Swing 1 Box (12pcs) Discontinued ¥3,840
    YUJ93340 Yujin TFC Binchotan 1 Box (10pcs) Discontinued ¥3,200
    YUJ93317 Yujin The Gun Revolver Edition 1 Box (10pcs) Discontinued ¥2,000
    YUJ93280 Yujin The Human Space Flights Mission 1 Box (8pcs) Discontinued ¥2,400
    YUJ93134 Yujin Heroic Impressions Vol. 1 (Shin Sen Gumi) Discontinued ¥400
    YUJ92436 Yujin Youkai Series (Daiei) #03 Discontinued ¥400
    YUJ92368 Yujin Gotoh Tokina Completed Discontinued ¥1,600
    YUJ92239 Yujin Natsu Robo Special Box Discontinued ¥1,584
    YUJ92002 Yujin Maho Yugi Pas Des Deux Discontinued ¥1,984
    YUJ91940 Yujin Aqua Collection Discontinued ¥400
    YUA51666 Yamato USA 1/6 Fantasy Figure Gallery Phoenix Archer Resin Statue Order Stop ¥34,750
    YMT35052 Yamato Real Art Project Himegoto Sayuki Touno In Stock ¥22,667
    YMT35030 Yamato Real Art Project: Queen Disgrace Mioko Pearl White Discontinued ¥25,905
    YMT34916 Yamato Real Art Project: Queen Disgrace Mioko Discontinued ¥25,905
    YMT34909 Yamato Real Art Project Android Zero-Gou Rei Black Hair Ver. PVC Discontinued ¥9,265
    YMT34905 Yamato Creators' Labo #029 No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle: Sylvia Kristel Discontinued ¥10,880
    YMT34846 Yamato Real Art Project Android Zero-Gou Rei PVC Discontinued ¥9,022
    YMT34448 Yamato Creators' Labo #005 Mine bluE #010 To the Beach Discontinued ¥6,630
    YMT34139 Yamato Inabaya Bunny Girl Lydia White Ver Discontinued ¥3,995
    YMT34138 Yamato Inabaya Bunny Girl Lydia Discontinued ¥3,995
    YMT34010 Yamato Nanbu Tsukasa PVC Brown Hair Version Discontinued ¥2,975
    YMT33932 Yamato Nanbu Tsukasa PVC Completed Discontinued ¥2,975
    YMT33287 Yamato Asamiya Kia Collection: 1 Box (10pcs) Discontinued ¥1,200
    YMT07018 Yamato 1/6 Crazy Ken a.k.a Ken Yokoyama 12 Inch Figure Discontinued ¥15,810
    YMT07017 Yamato Bakuhatsu! Bosozoku Kouichi by Kouichi Iwaki Discontinued ¥15,810
    YAE34274 Yaesu Shuppan Glico 80 Years Discontinued ¥3,000
    XPS500036 X Plus 1/8 Benitengudake Discontinued ¥12,600
    XPS500029 X Plus 1/6 Nozoki Ana: Emiru Ikuno Discontinued ¥7,920
    WLC05001 World Scope 1/8 Lollipop Chain Saw Juliet Sterling Discontinued ¥6,650
    WIG70017 Wing 1/6 Event Staff Girl (Ishi Kei) PVC Discontinued ¥12,800
    WIG70007 Wing 1/7 Meiko Shiraki Cat Suit Ver. (Prison School) PVC Discontinued ¥11,800
    WIG70004 Wing 1/7 Meiko Shiraki School Uniform Ver. (Prison School) PVC Discontinued ¥9,310
    WCTMM010 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/35 Salute Girl Out of Stock
    Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    WCTMM009 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/48 Blazer Girl In Stock ¥1,400
    WCTMM008 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/20 Fast Asleep, The Kotatsu Girl In Stock ¥4,300
    WCTMM007 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/20 Test Pilot B In Stock ¥3,100
    WCTMM006 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/20 Mechanic Girl In Stock ¥2,500
    WCTMM005 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/20 Test Pilot A In Stock ¥2,900
    WCTHP006 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/20 Inner Body Suit Maiden II In Stock ¥2,800
    WCTHP005 Wonder Craft Tokyo 1/20 E.V.A Outing Prepare Girl Backordered
    Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    WAVNF-323 Wave 1/10 Beach Queens Yura Yamato Discontinued ¥4,500
    WAVNF-277 Wave The Severing Crime Edge: Iwai Mushanokoji Discontinued ¥3,780
    UNF51769 Unifive Rocking Stuffed Amedio Discontinued ¥1,600
    UNF51768 Unifive Rocking Stuffed Rascal Discontinued ¥1,600
    UNC55641 Union Creative Hdge technical statue #7 Ca Wistria Ver. Nov. 2015 Release

    When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

    UNC55608 Union Creative CA Strange Blue Ver. In Stock ¥10,714
    UDG36599 UDG Uglydoll Meets DC/ Ox Green Lantern 11 inch Plush In Stock ¥3,600
    TYT46092 Taiyo Tosho The Shokugan Magazine Out of Stock
    Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    TYT06147 Taiyo Tosho Souchaku Henshin (Armour Trans) Catalog Out of Stock
    Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    TTA81271 Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Hozuki no Reitetsu Deformed mini: 1 Box 10pcs Discontinued ¥1,600
    TTA81158 Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Line Character Brown & Cony Love Gift Set Discontinued ¥2,380
    TTA81096 Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Line Character Brown & Cony Love Love Set Discontinued ¥2,380
    TRN00320 Trane Star Strider Green Discontinued ¥8,500
    TRN00308 Trane TV Robot Discontinued ¥8,500
    TRN00304 Trane Ryuseimajin Red Discontinued ¥8,500
    TRN00302 Trane Ryuseimajin Blue Discontinued ¥8,500
    TRA20196 Tora no Ana Fine Scenery Myourenji Sae Discontinued ¥4,114
    TRA20158 Tora no Ana 1/6 Oni no Musume Discontinued ¥9,800
    TRA00009 Tora no Ana 1/7 Hazuki Discontinued ¥7,800
    TRA00007 Tora no Ana 1/7 Suruga Mahiru Discontinued ¥9,800
    TRA00001 Tora no Ana Ice-Chan Action Figure Discontinued ¥2,980
    TPN94065 Toys Planning Kazumi Shukujo (Tentative Name) Discontinued ¥7,543
    TPN94062 Toys Planning 1/8 Girl (Tentative Name) 2 PVC Discontinued ¥4,286
    TPN94041 Toys Planning Nekomiko Tama PVC Discontinued ¥4,500
    TPN94038 Toys Planning Elf Girl (Deep Ver) PVC Discontinued ¥4,500
    TPN94036 Toys Planning Elf Girl (Normal) PVC Discontinued ¥4,500
    TPN94009 Toys Planning Girl (Tentative Name) Discontinued ¥5,000
    TPN22134 Toys Planning O-ji Collection Trial Edition Discontinued ¥1,580
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