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CSP59650 Cospa Doflamingo Pinched Key Chain Discontinued ¥570
BAN985172 Bandai Figuarts Zero Charlotte Dunois Low Stock ¥4,200
TKT80836 Takara Tomy Pokemon Mega Ring In Stock ¥900
KYD010971 Kaiyodo Revoltech Domo-Kun In Stock ¥2,948
UNCGK-03 Union Creative Beyond the Heavens Rivalry of Local Warlords: 1Carton (72pcs) In Stock ¥8,230
UNCGK-02 Union Creative BOCO Bottle Cap Opener Bottle.02 One Piece #2: 1Carton (100pcs) In Stock ¥9,520
UNCGK-01 Union Creative BOCO Bottle Cap Opener Bottle.01 One Piece #1: 1Carton (100pcs) In Stock ¥9,520
KYDGK-10 Kaiyodo Kaiyodo Neo Capsule Pilot Ver. Rinne no Lagrange Aura Season 1CT (150pcs) In Stock ¥8,573
KYD08049 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Fraulein O-mikuji Ika Musume (Box Type): 1 Box (30pcs) Discontinued ¥7,285
KYD08042 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Fraulein O-mikuji Ika Musume 1 Box 10pcs Discontinued ¥2,428
BAN983083 Bandai Figuarts Zero Princess Peace Discontinued ¥5,000
BAN985162 Bandai Pocket Monster Plamo Xerneas In Stock ¥760
KYD08054 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Fraulein The "HENTAI" Prince and the Stony Cat: 1 Box 6pcs In Stock ¥1,943
CSP53260 Cospa Sanji Pinched Key Chain Discontinued ¥570
BAN981930 Bandai DX MMZ-02 Munyu Munyu Zubaan In Stock ¥3,750
BAN984323 Bandai LBX Dot-Blastrizer & RS II In Stock ¥3,655
BAN984325 Bandai Riding Saucer II Body Color White (Jenoc) In Stock ¥2,380
BAN981659 Bandai LBX Bal Sparos & RSII In Stock ¥3,230
BAN981583 Bandai LBX O-vein & RSII In Stock ¥3,400
BAN981582 Bandai LBX Dot Phasor & RSII In Stock ¥3,230
BAN981345 Bandai Riding Sousa II (Body Color White) In Stock ¥2,380
BAN977760 Bandai Ultra Egg Bemstar Discontinued ¥720
BAN977913 Bandai LBX Ikaros Zero & RS (Riding Saucer) In Stock ¥2,720
BAN976964 Bandai LBX Ikaros Force & RS (Riding Saucer) In Stock ¥2,720
KYD010698 Kaiyodo Revoltech Vox Aura In Stock ¥1,895
KYD08000 Kaiyodo Kaiyodo Neo Capsule Pilot Ver. Rinne no Lagrange Aura Season 1 Box 6pcs In Stock ¥1,440
BAN976903 Bandai Riding Sousa (Perseus Color) In Stock ¥1,700
UNC55299 Union Creative Bikkuri Man Sokkuri Metal Plate: 1 Box (12pcs) In Stock ¥3,876
SET88117 Sentinel One Piece 3D Wall Display: 1 Box (9pcs) In Stock ¥4,050
BAN975330 Bandai LBX Triton & RS Low Stock ¥2,550
KYD010568 Kaiyodo Revoltech Baby Milo Discontinued ¥1,703
BAN973914 Bandai LBX Perseus & RS (Riding Saucer) In Stock ¥2,550
BAN973908 Bandai Riding Saucer In Stock ¥1,700
OTH133 Other Co. Morning Musume Bottle Mascot: 1 Box (16pcs) In Stock ¥912
BAN971580 Bandai Deformeister Petite Rubber Collection Keyholder Tiger & Bunny: 1 Box (8pcs) In Stock ¥2,880
CAD95301 Character and Anime Dot Com Saber Tooth Cats 3 2011 Shirou Masamune Calendar In Stock ¥800
BAN964865 Bandai Battle Break Trading Figure Battle Encounter Booster Pack: 1 Box (15pcs) In Stock ¥1,125
CSP41090 Cospa Sapphire Costume Set Lady's L Discontinued ¥12,160
BAN965404 Bandai chibi-arts Cure Peach In Stock ¥1,750
KBYKP-119 Kotobukiya Pest X-San's Bike Oboro In Stock ¥2,280
TKT33069 Takara Tomy Make-up Goods B Discontinued ¥150
CSP36783 Cospa Edward Elric T-Shirt White L Discontinued ¥2,755
OTH113 Other Co. Ultrasonic Linear Motor In Stock ¥1,250
KYD01194 Kaiyodo Souten no Ken Figure Collection No. 2 Yoh 1 Box (6pcs) In Stock ¥600
TAK14139 Takara AG-V09 Fatty In Stock ¥1,520
TAK23414 Takara Fashion Jenny Coordinate Bag T15 Discontinued ¥125

1/6 Scale

STR68005 Star Toys 1/6 Uruk-Hai In Stock ¥550
YLS20015 Hobby Base 1/6 MP41 Machine Pistol Set Low Stock ¥425

1/35 Scale

PLZGP-5 Platz 1/35 Girls und Panzer: Porsche Tiger Reopon-san Team Ver. In Stock ¥4,320
PLZGP-6 Platz 1/35 Girls und Panzer: Tiger I Kuromorimine Girls School Ver. In Stock ¥4,640
TRS35018 Tristar 1/35 German GD Div. The Last Consultation In Stock ¥600

1/43 Scale

QMD09030 Q-Model 1/43 Mazda 767B 201T 1990 Le Mans In Stock ¥3,655
QMD09018 Q-Model 1/43 Toyota 89C-V No.38 1989 JSPC DENSO In Stock ¥3,485
QMD09019 Q-Model 1/43 Toyota 89C-V No.50 1989 JSPC Tenoras In Stock ¥3,485
QMD09007 Q-Model 1/43 Toyota 7 White/Orange In Stock ¥4,080

1/48 Scale

HSGSP279 Hasegawa 1/48 Mirage 2000 Idol Master Yayoi Takatsuki In Stock ¥2,160

1/72 Scale

HSGSP308 Hasegawa 1/72 F-117A Nighthawk Idolmaster 2 Yukiho Hagiwara In Stock ¥3,360
HSGSP295 Hasegawa 1/72 Rafale M Idol Master Iori Mizuse In Stock ¥1,800
HSGSP280 Hasegawa 1/72 Su-47 Berkut Idol Master Miki Hoshii Low Stock ¥2,320
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