How to Contact Us

Before you send us email, please check for the answer to your question in the information on these pages. The answers to most questions that customers send us are explained here. Because of the volume of mail we receive, questions about items explained here will be answered after other mail. Please, take the time to check these pages!

In order get your question, comment, or concern handled as quickly as possible, we have several mail addresses for handling specific questions, depending on the nature of your message. Please check this list carefully before sending us mail.

Please do not send the same message to more than one address! This will not speed our reply, or get us to notice your message faster. Rather, it almost always creates confusion about the handling of your question or problem and can delay things or worsen the situation.

To change, cancel, or request shipment of an order

Use My Account

To change or correct your e-mail or shipping address, or payment information

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To retrieve a lost password

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To check anything about your order's status

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To report trouble related to the shipment or delivery of an order

To ask questions about our service not answered in our FAQ

To ask questions or make suggestions about individual products

(please include the product code if possible)

To request parts for a model kit (read this first)

To ask questions about purchasing from us at wholesale prices

To send comments, problems or questions related to our web site

To send comments or suggestions about website content (product descriptions, other text, etc.)

Please note that we get a lot of email, and no matter how hard we try, next-day replies are not always possible. We only answer mail on business days, so messages that reach us late Friday or on weekends may not be answered until early the next week. Though it may take a short time, we do answer all email sent to us about problems or questions not answered here. Thanks for your patience and understanding!