The Checkout Process

Placing an order at HLJ is a very simple and intuitive process, with clear guidance provided along the way to make the experience as smooth as possible. Just diving on into your first order should be enough to understand the process, but for those who'd like to know more before diving in, here's an outline of what to expect: 

1. Click "Checkout" in your shopping cart.

Once you've loaded your shopping cart with all the goodies that you want (by clicking Add to Cart on the item pages), click the Checkout button in your shopping cart. This will start the checkout process and take you to the first page in the checkout system (the "Sign In" page). Here you will find login options for existing customers and first-time customers. Existing customers simply need to input the e-mail address with which the account was created, and their password. A successful login will take existing customers directly to #3 as described on this page. New customers will be taken to #2, as described below. 

NOTE: Items placed in the Shopping Cart are not held for you. An order is not placed until you complete the checkout process. Items only remain in the Shopping Cart for about 24 hours, and may be removed from the Shopping Cart as stock status changes. This will be reflected once you click "Checkout". 

2. New Customers: Create Account Information

Here a new customer registers their name, email address, shipping address, and other information. Once all necessary info is input on this page (you will be prompted if there are any omissions), click Continue.

3. Shipping Preferences

From this point on, the checkout procedure is the same for both new and existing customers. On this page you will see your order separated into items that are currently in stock (shippable items), and items that are preorders or waiting for restock (non-shippable items). At this time you can select Ship Now (the button is actually labeled "Ship When Available" to cover both in stock and not currently in stock items) or Private Warehouse for both categories of items (for more information about those choices, see HERE). You can also select your preferred shipping method on this page. Please note that there are no defualt settings here; you will actively have to choose what you want per order. Once all necessary choices are made on this page (you will be prompted if there are any omissions), click Continue.  At this point in the process you will see shipping charges when available. 

4. Select Payment Method

On this page you can choose your preferred payment method for this order, from either credit card via Paypal, PayPal Billing agreement, or regular PayPal. Please note that there are no default settings here; you will actively have to choose what you want per order. For Private Warehouse items or preorder/restock items, you can change the payment method anytime up until the items enter payment processing. 

5. Review & Place Order

On this page you can see an overview of your order, with the options to make any changes you want. If everything is how you want it, click Place Order to submit the order. Please be sure that the order is set how you want it before you click this button, since order processing is nearly instantaneous! For items you have selected to be moved to your Private Warehouse, you can of course do what you want with them later, but for in-stock items you have chosen to Ship Now for, the process starts right away, and cannot be changed. Check and double-check before you hit that button! 

6. The "Thank You" Screen 

Once you have clicked the Place Order button, the order immediatley begins to be processed. From this page, you will have the options to either return to the website to continue shopping, review your orders and account information in the Account Maintenance System, or visit your Private Warehouse. Please again note that you will not be able to modify any orders for in-stock items that were chosen as Ship Now. You can, however, modify any preorders and items waiting for restock up until the time they enter payment processing, and of course you can do anything you like with the items in your Private Warehouse



And that's the ordering process! Once the process begins, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail, and new customers will receive their account number and password. Please note that all the above takes place in a completely secure environment, so there is no need to worry about any of your data being stolen or leaked. You can shop with confidence at HLJ! 

Please be sure to check your e-mails for any update or warning e-mails we may send to you. If there are any problems with receiving your payment for an order, we will contact you right way to get the problem resolved. If we do not hear back from you and cannot receive payment for an order, that order and all outstanding orders will be cancelled and ordering priveledges suspended (the account will be locked) until we hear from you. So, please check your e-mail! 

We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience at HLJ! If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to .


Scott T. Hards