Black Friday 2013

HLJ rolls out the black carpet this year with additional discounts off our already low discounted prices on just about everything in the catalog! Sorry, we can't do books and other printed materials, but everything else is fair game. And remember, that's not just a simple discount off the retail price...that's an additional discount off already discounted items, many already steeply discounted! So, there are plenty of outstanding deals to be had! Anything with a "Black Friday" tag on it will show the special Black Friday sale percentage and sale price right there on the item page. What you see is what you get! (Sales prices apply only to items ordered during the campaign period)


The sale starts midnight Thursday night (12:00am Nov. 29) and runs to midnight Monday night (11:59pm Dec. 2) (all Japan Standard Time (UTC + 9), check your times zones HERE), so we get a bit of Cyber Monday action thrown in there as well!


The sale covers items in all genres, so there's definitely something for everyone. To get started, just head on back to HLJ and enjoy the savings!


Scott T. Hards

HobbyLink Japan


*Does not include books, magazines, and other printed materials, due to silly Japanese retail laws.